*Happy Birthday, O Beautiful Dove*
I craved for a song

The one by a nightingale

I browsed for a beauty

Like that of Brazilian peacocks

I asked for painkilling breeze

Like that by the sea’s bank

All of them ran into the sky

To form a beautiful magical scene

All in one and one in all

I see them all in you.
Not because today’s your birthday

But because that’s how you always are;

The key to the room of happiness

The globe to the saddening heart 

The friend to a lonely one, Me…

The one my heart wanders about for,

On this day when my heart smells

the perfume of your fragrance of love

Smile carelessly for your day is bright.
_Though, I know you are getting older_

_But the more your beauty gets clearer._

_You dress today is better than the sky of yesterday_

_And of course will be radiant than the sun of tomorrow_

_Let your beautiful heart shower the rain of love upon my thirsty soul_

Happy birthday to you, O beautiful dove!
Happy Birthday, Egalitarian Vicky.