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Dark Diary

Many seek miracles and wonders, whereas, it is near to them. I have never been surprised when an elder sprouts out wisdom, but wonders are clearer to me, when a young fellow speaks in a philosopher’s tongue. Then, it is more taken to heart.

Most of those philosophical thoughts we read online, are born of deep thoughts, imaginations and experiences. Ranging from sadness to happiness, at home and on different journeys of life.

I can’t just simply believe, that a young person has seen so much, to be able to design pages with words narrating the past, present and future to me.

Dark diary has collections in it that will make you think and re think. I am not inflating into a balloon when I say this book is a miracle. Although, I am unable to see the real scrolls of the TEN COMMANDMENTS, but this within your hand can’t be too far, if you read along its lines.

Dark Diary has the definition of war, the real meaning of a ‘victim’, nature and in dealing with world problem by crying out loud for the voiceless. “Usman has seen a lot and he is still a boy”.

The way the poet dances around with dictions like a pro of words, figures of speech like the creator of language and the rhythm like the melody of a guitar, has made me reach a conclusion, that, he is a MAGICAL POET.

I think this book should be appreciated than what I have said about it and you will proof me right when you start reading through its lines. I have learnt in my journey with the book that: ‘Diary must be kept of everything that happens around us.’

I have read few books with voluminous verses, but did not come out with a lot at the end of the day, Dark Diary has proven and explained well to me, the statement “not how much but how well” as it has just 24 tough poems in it. PoetiQue is simply wonderful and for that I say:

Do not ask about why people don’t write
You should rather ask, “why writers write?”

Ibraheem Olanrewaju –Ahmad-
Author: What Hijra Taught Me

The Broken Pen