She is a beautiful and a close friend who lost her father to the cold frozen hands of death. May this placate her and bring solace to the whole family and may the father rest in peace. Written very fast out of pity and concern, friend….. Take heart.
*Although My Eyes Are Dry*
Although my eyes are dry

And the distance above is high

I want to be by your side

To wipe your tears to hide
I know your heart is in pain

As you cry and cry again

The pinch of death is a fork

It picks around the clock
I know you miss your dad

That’s why you look so sad

I know you really love him

So I send you this short hymn
As we wave him a final bye

His smiles above they fly

And then I know that God

Has accepted him in His board.
Dedicated To Safura As She Mourns Her Father.

May His Soul Rest In Perfect Peace Beside The Salihin.