Rabiat is a 400level nursing student of university of Ilorin. Age grabs the silver of the word brakery poetry contest WBPC of the week. Read the poem below 

Soulless eyes I have 

Darkened soul I beget

Noticed by none, my depressive state

Suicide will get there attention, so I’ll do it

Just to see them look and listen
Tied the noose, like a tie

Hanging on the fan that cools

my father’s bald head 

Pour the poison in the food

Cooked by my ma in the barn
It’s cowardly,so they say

To end this long suffering 

Pain will cease

Heaven looks better 

At least the sky is bright

Unlike my darkened soul 
I hear the trumpet 

Of Israfil 

The tremble trolling up the terrible path

Of my passage 
The world will have another washing day 

I’ll be given attention at my burial 

My depression will be given thought

My friends will feel guilty and profess their love 

Even though I won’t know