Olatunde Azeeza is the BAKER OF THE WEEK of the Words Bakery Literary Family. Her poem below arrest the theme of the week with a well baked imagery. Enjoy her poem titled suicide below

I’m a weed to the world,

A desert within a vegetated land.

A famine with plenty plants

of wretchedness that wreck my hope.
I’m a famine soul that 

cries for rain that turn tears.

My emptiness is filled with sorrows

that beckon my heart to a state of desolate.
But, a way i have found,

A path i can see,

That will make me feel not a thing

to make this tears arid.
I will walk through this path

that will numb my huge pains.  

I will bury my sorrowful soul

deep within the waves of an ocean.
Yeah,my bruised soul will 

drown in a painless death.

Deep, in the wilderness of the ocean

So I shall take the fall.