The brightness of the noon after the breathing of the dawn,

The sexy look of the dusk as it calls the night to come,

The screaming of the thunder when it hollers in our ears,

The type of joy we feel when the school closing bell rings.

When the eyes were closed but the mind was at alert,

Like the chief security of a bank even a fly won’t dare wings.

My zippy nose picks the trail of a scent of an angel course,

I knew the angle wasn’t straight but mine was perpendicular to yours.

The foolish eyes came alive and what they saw was a wow,

An image of miracle, i don’t know if I saw a centaur,

But my crazy legs won’t stop in their race behind a unicorn,

I rise and fall and rise, but at last in front of a *Mercy*.

She said: Joromi, why are you breathing so fast?

I am the thief in your trail and all I want is your heart,

I replied. Her finger on my lips and her palm on my breast,

And she counted grinningly, the rhythms spelt, Happy Birthday, Damilola.

Let me take you to Rome, on its land let us roam,

Let me lead you to the sea where you’ll value what you see,

And at night we’ll return and feel the way skins burn,

The type of rain that falls on the last day of honey moon.