O God!

I know you exist.

Of ‘coz I fear You.

I have seen and heard 

of Your wrath upon nations;

Even just yesterday,

Your ire was so severe upon

those who dared you.

But I seem not to care,

Because I’m your friend;

A subscriber to your pity

I’m above the law..

You forbade sins,

I taste them all.

The minor and major,

I commit the complex.

I have gotten to a stage

Even devil learns from me.

In the eyes of all men

They view me as a saint.

I have no girl friend,

But the latest porns on YouTube

are all outdated to me.

The sweet lies on lines (promises)

The love lines of lies (poems)

All to win her fragile heart.

I smashed her heart like an egg

Her pain is a sin I shoulder.

I possess no gun,

But can not count those 

I’ve murdered and counting,

Those I’ve misled, 

bamboozled and fooled.

The ties I’ve broken

The truths I’ve belied

Those men I’ve molested, 

disgraced and washed,

In the name if superiority.

I made life miserable for some

The trust and loyalty I’ve betrayed.

I’m lost and I divagate 

In search for your forgiveness, 

I roll on ground In white, 

I care not a stain,

On my robe for I am the dirt,

Rather I’m shamed of

staining the land of men,

Even my robe is impure

Accumulated via the wrong.

My heart is rusting

The decay is so ripe.

I coat my life with your paint

Forgive my fall in the pit.

*©Ibraheem The Broken Pen*