It has been a while here, and of course a lot messages have landed my e mail asking why I have not been writing, well thanks for your warmth care, it means a lot to me. But I have not stopped writing, can I? I will only fall sick if I do. What have I been doing?

I have been in the solitary of a prison yard, its walls are full of colorful scrolls, surfing info here and there about projects around my neck like a chain. I thought freelancing is that easy but my eyes are swollen up like I had a blow from Mike Tyson and my fingers are not different from that of a nursing mother. All thanks to *Meenahfoodies* for some tips. If you are in Ogun state and need a gargantuan beautiful cake, or any catering service, I recommend her, if you are not satisfied, come take back your money from me.

Writing the content for people’s blog for the first time seemed challenging, but I enjoyed it. Health blogs, food blogs, travel blogs, I am looking forward to farming ones and other captivating ones too.

If you don’t read, I doubt you are really living, if you live, I doubt you are enjoying, if you think you enjoy, ask yourself a question, is your brain satisfied? The only thing that could satisfy the undying urge of your brain is reading. If you know of any other, please tell me.

I had to stop for it is summer, I learned about different things, I am on my book and I will love it published before December maybe; nonetheless, are there not enough in this world of ours that need to be addressed?

Cats in my hostel are very sad at the state of recession we’re in, there’s no better food for men but mosquitoes don’t care, they have to suck blood. Asking about why mosquito suck blood is like asking about why men eat chicken. The cycle of this world is funny, living and non living things, we are for ourselves if not from ourselves.

Why we do this, why we do that, differences in cultures, differences in languages, reasons for disagreements, reasons we cheat, reasons we help, emotional intelligence and many more have been questions I am not satisfied with many various psychologically, economically, politically, religiously or even socially attempted answers to them; how do we go about it? We shall be discussing those another time.

I have also been going on some short trips for I might be vacating this beloved land soon who knows, my business here is done but had to visit some places before leaving. I am not vacating the world, so don’t be scared.

One of the amazing trips was that to the pyramid, I actually want to write an article on it but that won’t do it, I have written a short book on it. A must read for all that wish going there, believe me, you won’t find any of those things in the book online. The name is “My Journey To The Pyramid”, still on fire.

Because today’s is just a welcome back for me and a respectful salute to you, I will like to drop my pen here and see you in the other room. Expect nothing but some well garnished with odoriferous aroma of lines in the articles coming. Once again, thank you all, you are appreciated. 

*The Broken Pen*