*Episode 4*

One of the greatest catalyst that contributes to the fast and furious fall of any nation is the muteness of its people towards bad characters. 

If a nation has thieves as rulers and the elites do not talk, by the time the alarm will be blown out by angry masses, things might have gone bad beyond the stage of repair.

The main purpose of our being is to worship Allah, every other thing we witness in life is either a bonus or test for us.
The day you stop worshipping Allah, you’ve degraded yourself to the class of animals; A nation that eats anything to satisfy their desires not knowing that which is permissible and that which is not

Nuh couldn’t keep mute to all these shameful and hopeless acts that is common amongst his people, he loved them.h

He took up the responsibility of calling back their attention onto the right path.

After all, he was a prophet and a messenger, he called to the oneness of God, and to worship only Him (Allah) wholeheartedly. 

*He said: “O my People! I am to you a Warner, clear and open:*

*That ye should worship Allah, fear Him and obey me.*
-Sura Nuh, Ayah 2 & 3.

That was his message like every other messengers after him, not neglecting any other aspects of life. Social, economical, political and moral aspects. But his people refused his call and stood against him like the present wall of Egypt against Palestine. They tried him with unthinkable challenges, they accused him of misguidance, insanity and foolishness.

*”The leaders of his people said: “Ah! we see thee evidently wandering (in mind).”*
-Sura Al-A’raf, Ayah 60

The Qur’an also says:

*”Before them the People of Noah rejected (their messenger): they rejected Our servant, and said, “Here is one possessed!”, and he was driven out.*
-Sura Al-Qamar, Ayah 9

They also accused his followers with stupidity, weakness and lie. The Qur’an reported this saying: 

*”But the chiefs of the Unbelievers among his people said: “We see (in) thee nothing but a man like ourselves: Nor do we see that any follow thee but the meanest among us, in judgment immature: Nor do we see in you (all) any merit above us: in fact we think ye are liars!”*
-Sura Hud, Ayah 27

As if all these was not enough, they sought Nuh to refuse and sent away the poor/weak people of the land following him; for it is not befitting of them to be seen with the poor and the weak striding same path.

Rather, Nuh responded by waving off their accuses, refused their plea to send away people, stood his ground and explained to them that he was only calling them to save their  lives, he demanded neither money nor praise from them. He needed nothing from them than to follow the right path. Allah says in the Qur’an.

*”He said: “O my people! No wandering is there in my (mind): on the contrary I am a messenger from the Lord and Cherisher of the worlds!”*

*”I but fulfil towards you the duties of my Lord’s mission: Sincere is my advice to you, and I know from Allah something that ye know not.”*
-Sura Al-A’raf, Ayah 61 & 62

How best can caller be than this? Really, I want to bring out some lessons here but a lot still happens after this. How did they responded to his outstanding response and logical view. We’ll be reading that in the next episode. Until then, remain blessed. WaSalam Alaykum.


*Nuh, The Father*