*Episode 3*

After a century and some decades when everyone was treading on the right path, there was nothing like disbelief. It is a common sense and an induced feeling into all man that there is a supernatural power one must bow to and no other.

This was the way of life before the birth of Nuh. We already talked about his family, you can refer back to the previous post.

People were good, law abiding and above all, they were Godfearing. People did not disbelieve in God until devil designs the worship of idols for them, five idols to be precise, namely: Wad,  Suwa’, Yaghuth, Ya’uq and Nasr.

Those five names were not just a scientific given name or a psychological one, they were names of people, good people at that. Loved by the world, respected and trusted. They were demeanors to be copied and models to be followed. They lived before Nuh before they were crafted into images to be idolized. The Qur’an says: 

“And they have said (to each other), ‘Abandon not your gods: Abandon neither Wadd nor Suwa’, neither Yaguth nor Ya’uq, nor Nasr’;-

-Sura Nuh, Ayah 23

In the Hadith Bukhari, on the authority of Ibn Abbas, he said: these are names of good men between Adam and Nuh, and they had followers following their ways; when they died, their followers told themselves to build their images so as not to forget them, maybe when they see them, their minds will always think of worshipping the way they use to do during their lifetime, so they crafted their images. When this generation died and came after them another, Shaytan trickled them into worshipping the images….

He said to them: the (generations before you) use to worship them, so they seek for rain from them and worship them.

People worshipped them in a different ways, they modernized their look, so everyone has a society, some people worship Wad, some Suwa’, some Ya’uq etc. So, they mould them into a nice shape as it would suit their hearts. My god is beautiful than yours and mine is superior to yours, things like that were said amongst them.

The people of Nuh just like any community are of grades. There were the lower class, the scholars, the philosophers and I must mention of course the rich class, also they are the main philosophers of the state, whatever they say is the final; their arrogance was so depth they showed the poor how useless they could be.

The poor was only working as servants for the rich ones for they were weak, freedom less and they’ve  no say in the community matter,  that’s why most of them ran to Nuh during his call. They were the ones the Qur’an called Al ‘Araazil.

They were civilized; for Allah gave them a fine land; they made roads; they farm; they did businesses and crafted gods; they sell the crafted images and buy also, and they worship them instead of Allah.

This was how they lived. What happened after this, we shall be discussing that tomorrow inshaallah.


*Nuh, The Father*