*Episode 2*

Nuh was his name, the second father of the world and the first messenger of Allah. He was one of the five Ulul ‘Azm amongst the prophets. They are the best of prophets. Muhammad, Ibraheem, Musa, Isa and Nuh.

Nuh was given that name because he cries a lot. His call to the path of Allah is a very important case study for every preacher, for it entails a lot of teachings.

The story of Nuh came in 28 chapters in the glorious Quran, well explained, and a whole chapter in the Quran was named after him for the chapter gives the full break down of his story. Suratul-Nuh.

He did not fall from heaven, let’s look at his family chain a bit. His father was Lamik the son of Mattushalakh who some call Idris, and his chain gets to Shyth the son of Adam, the first father of the Universe.

Nuh was sent as a messenger when a lot of atrocities were common amongst men, believe in God was no more, love is dying, cheating is everywhere and fighting each other. All these were after Adam was gone, between Adam and Nuh were 10 centuries.

This was when Allah sent Nuh as a messenger to man. It will be difficult for man to live on without a manual and that’s why He always send books via His messengers, and He always send men from our own type to preach to us. If He had sent angels to us, we might not believe, we could say it is easy for angels to do what they are telling us, but to leave man with no evidence, He sent men to men.

Before I continue, there is a point here, and that’s the fact that Nuh came when mischief fills the land. Where are todays scholar, what’s their mission in the mosques in this difficult time. This is the purpose of being a scholar. It is time to wake up to the responsibility of the Ummah. 

Just call with knowledge and wisdom, what are you scared of, peoples ridiculous commentary on you or what? Can men of now be as crazy as those of the time of Nuh. Do you even know who they are. Let’s talk about the people of Nuh.

Inshaallah, here tomorrow, we shall be inking on the people of Nuh. Don’t forget that today is an odd night, pray a lot in it.

Salam Alaykum.


*Nuh, The Father*