Episode 1*

Some will be in Itikaf facing Allah and pleading to him, while some will be at home doing the same. For the purpose of those who will be glancing through their phones; inshallah, cooked for them is a story to enjoy, but it is not for the purpose of enjoyment, rather to learn from it and act by it.

If Ramadhan has come with a message of piety and patience, I think we will need learn a scenerio of patience from one of our predecessors. He is our father, a prophet of Allah. Let’s talk about him in light if authentic references and shifting away all exaggerated tales about him.

Allah has mentioned 25 prophets in the glorious Quran, amongst them were messengers and some were only prophets. Allah state only the names of some of them like *Ilyasin* but the details about him is not stated. Some have a bit glance of their lives mentioned, prophets like Lut is an example, while some were given a concised detail about. A prophet like Musa, I doubt you will read 20 pages without reading about him.

In these articles that will be coming in series inshaallah everyday till the end of this beautiful month, we shall be talking about the life and lessons from the life of our father. We all know Adam to be the father of the world and gave birth to many. Why this topic? The second father of the world.

Our world is in disarray, mayhem, war, disorderliness, hatred and all forms of bloodshed. Some parts of the world kill each others with the modern weapon, while some do that with a fetish method. What’s the way out? “Believe” is lost and “Patience” is dead. And ego is killing us; is this generation cursed?

I don’t think so! Shaytan is only winning souls because we gave him the reason to. Our trust in Allah is at the pit and our patience in life has lost its peak, and now, let’s learn how to re-pick.

The second father of the world, he is worth it. He called to the path of Allah for years, 950 years to be precised. Generations after generations met him and left him, he called and called and never rested. He was not after money, he was just preaching for a better world as commanded by Allah.

Believe in Allah and worship Him alone is a common factor in the message of all prophets. This prophet we are about to enter his school was the second father of man after Adam and he was the first messenger of Allah.

Nuh was his name, selected as a prophet by Allah, guided to the right path, mandated to be a messenger, praised by Allah. He called every living soul on earth during his time before and after the incident of ‘Tufan’.

Who is Nuh?

What was his role?

How did he call?

How did he live?

What happened to our father?

What is Tufan?

What  happened after Tufan?

…and many more, are hidden in the posts that will be posted on this platform everyday, In Sha Allah till the end of Ramadhan.

Now, let’s start with who Nuh is. 

Stay tuned!

Same time, same blog tomorrow. 

Have a nice iftar!


*Nuh, The Father*