*Last Ten Days*

Ramadhan is going to be 20 by night fall, Alhamdulillah. But it pains that the second part will be gone. Days you ignore sins, days you try do only what’s right, days you get closer to Allah, what pains me is that the days are running out so fast, but thank God, we still have 9 or 10 days left.

Whatever you have been doing since Ramadhan started should never be compared to what you should be doing from tonight. The real deal is here again.

The nights in which laylatul Qadr falls.

I won’t be writing on itikaf than advice you to go if you have the chance, and I won’t be writing on laylatul Qadr than a poem maybe for my IG and Facebook followers. Reason is not because I don’t want to write, the reason is because I believe many writers will write on it and it will be fine I am sure. Please get your hands on articles, bite them, digest them and work by them. If you really are going to itikaf, make sure you are there before this iftar, your first maghrib should be there, till the last day of the month. I won’t advice a phone except you have a business you control and really needs your attention. I am only saying that just for you to concentrate on God and Him alone.

I know many have family, your wife might need to call, your children will want to know how you do too, don’t get me wrong, I am only saying, your time at itikaf should be all with God and less of worldly affairs.
Yes, worldly affairs will guarantee your hereafter, but, plan your priorities right.

Itikaf is not an avenue for chatting, not an avenue for extra cool calls, not a place of argument, it is solely a mood to be attached to Allah alone.

I might not be writing on Ramadhan for the rest of the days of Ramadhan, there will be a bit digression in what I write, but I wanna send some piece of advice to you precisely.


The first thing is your intention for going to itikaf, are you going there to sit with Allah, or going on leave to rest, or leaving your house because your wife is a bone in the neck. What is your intention.

If you won’t be going to itikaf, it is not a crime; in your house, in the mosque on your street, you can join the congregation praying at night. You can pray alone too if you don’t want to join them, but joining them will wake your morale.


Your target at itikaf should be Qur’anic recitation all through your days, listen to lectures, do nothing but what will fetch you reward.

Some itikaf have both men and women in their program, some organizations maybe and in University environment too, I will advise the organizers to plan things well to avoid mix up, itikaf is not a place to pick your girlfriend, so, set your sense right.


You don’t need take different types of written prayer books to the mosque, I won’t mention names of prayer books for I don’t want to be misunderstood and I won’t like to hurt your feelings. But I must say this, which ever prayer book you are taking make it be a pure sunnatic one. The left overs of the prophet is enough for us in the whole of our lives. At least repeat the prayer the prophet taught our mother Aisha: Allahumma Innaka Afuwwun, tuhibbul afwa, fa’ fu Anna. 
Meaning: O Allah, you are the forgiver, you love forgiveness, forgive us.

Prayers my brother and sister doesn’t have Arabic as a covenant, speak to Allah in the language you understand and be certain He will accept it.


Yes, there is Hadith buttressing the importance of the odd nights of the last ten days, either at home or at itikaf. Allah answers prayer all time and at anywhere.
Did He not accept the prayers of the people in the cave, that’s how merciful He is. Don’t neglect any night, some might be answered on laylatul Qadr and some might be on the even nights. All prayers are of course will be answered, Allah never rejects a caller. But for what you want to be seen by you….. Play with no night.


Pray not only for yourself, don’t forget your family, your friends, show love to people at itikaf and make friends, be tolerate, care for each other and share your things. 

Pray for your country, for your leaders, if you a Nigerian, pray for Buhari. Pray for the Muslim Ummah, pray for Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, pray for the coming together of the Muslim Ummah, pray for the demise of the unreasonable misunderstood between some Golf states and Qatar, pray for firmness on the seen, pray to Allah not to make you an hypocrite and the world at large, pray for America too, are there not friends and family? Pray for the sick, pray for he barren and forgive those who err you. And lastly, pray for me.

Ant till tomorrow when we meet again on this platform, I say, fi amani Llah.


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