*Missing Mummy’s Food*

Though it was funny but also didactic hearing the Yoruba poem (Ewi) recited by one of my beloved sister in Islam. According to her, she did not read the poem, she only did the spoken part.

Maybe not so many ladies do ewi, hers was interesting and the message it passed is one you must listen to. After all, she is a messenger of truth. The way her voice cry-smile is still making me laugh.

The students life in various institutions in Nigeria in this Ramadhan truely varies but all have a common factor when it comes to what they eat. We won’t be under our parents’ roof for life, we have to start preparing.

Great kudos to MSSN for all the programs they come up with all times, in Ramadhan, before and after it, may Allah reward those taking care of the affairs the reward of Mujahideen. 

Some sisters lamenting to visit their mums, all in the name of food, no good food in school, the one in canteen can not do it. There’s no option, just bare it till festive period, African ladies are the same.

I wouldn’t like to talk much, I only want to face our brothers and sisters, and folks who Allah has enriched their pockets, instead of giving gifts to TV stations alone, please don’t forget students in school, if they pray for you cause of the gifts showered on them, you are surely in it.

Take your sadaqat to schools, sponsor programs in school like you do outside and we students pray Allah enrich your pockets. I am not asking you to do so because students are poor, I swear they are not; I am only giving you this advice because students are   the ones angels of Allah spread their wings for cause they are pleased by them. Imagine if those students pray for you.

O Allah! Be merciful upon us, our parents, families and friends, lovers and sponsors and all those who wish us well.
I also pray that the aroma of strike cooking to start to be fed on by July never comes to life.


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