*Help The Weak*

My outing today was a hectic one, the sun was at 40 degree and no one could dare reduce its volume. I wandered about in search of a particular book but did not get it. I had to set back home.

I stopped by at a mosque for Salat; it was so amusing people couldn’t get up; most of them are artisans, weakness fell them down.

I’m always wondering why the weather condition of every state differs from each other; but that has nothing to do with you fasting or not. I felt for them, some are labourers while some are hawkers, nevertheless, they obey the commandments of Allah, they want to attain piety even when what they do is very tough.

That is Iman; that is trusting Allah; Not running away even when it is rough; Not turning away even when you feel rejected; Not looking for a shortcut even when it feels far away and standing by Him when all left you, also trusting Him when you have no where to go, of course, you have no where to go.

Do you work in an office? be kind to the gateman, who is there fasting all day, going up and down, opening gate for every head that knocks on the door, help the cleaners in your office, make them rest even if you pay, the house girl working with you, don’t stress life out of her by giving her work than she can do; and this is not only because of Ramadhan, treat them the same way after this period too.

I only prayed in the mosque and left when it was time, they prayed and I pitied them while I pray. All they do was to live; to feed their wives; sons like me and their fragile daughters. Some have old parents to take care of too, this is all around the world. It is the decree of Allah.

O Allah! Bring solace to the heart of all those workers who work with stress and have no where to turn except You. Put Baraka in what they do and make people feel their importance.


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