*Can I Do This In Ramadhan?*

Ustaz, I want to  ask you a question was the first WhatsApp message I got today from an unknown number. It was strange to me because the question was based on the fact that the questioner asked me based on the picture he or she saw on Facebook of me signing out of Azhar.

The fact that I don’t know the person got me worried, something I don’t do most of the time. Azharian should always be ready, not bragging. Our Profs. are superb, the Islamic world knows that, even the non Muslim will testify to that. But then, I’m not yet a scholar even though I won’t deny I know some few things. 

I replied the tesleem and gave the person a go ahead to ask. A question I was not thinking about, even though I am expecting something that has to do with fasting, but the dimension this took was surprising. He asked:

Can I toast a lady in Ramadhan?

Firstly, I gathered the fact that he’s a male by gender, I don’t care if the person is posing, in Law, we judge with facts. Atimes with “indications”, the way the question came shows the person is a man. So I decide to talk to him like a man.

I wouldn’t have bring up the matter here but because i have received two similar questions, I will like to say this.

I don’t know of any proof that prohibits asking a woman’s hand in marriage in Ramadhan, as far as all rules of making proposal is complete. No secret love, go to the family and nothing more. If you don’t tell them now, someone else might get the chance before you.

I also wouldn’t go deep in marital issues here, but will say; maybe what you understand as toast is going to her directly and date like we know it today, well that’s wrong. Go to scholars and ask, Inshaallah, I will try writing on that and broadcast it here but not now. I have a project on that, maybe I will just summarize it.

Finally, I have answered the question asked as cleared to me but will add that whatever you want to do, ask the knowledgeable ones about it before doing it. I pray Allah purifies our soul and make His worship easy for us.


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