*Al Azhar Sign Out*

Have you ever been so happy to the extent of forgetting to plan for what to do next? That was the feeling today for me, but not for my friends. 

Some are married and some like Afelele has a sure banka place to break, so they need not think of what to eat for iftar. But for a wanderer like me, Allah is his strength.

It was a nonstop two hours paper for the comparative fiqh. The last paper in Al Azhar today for my department, we tried our best and stained our papers with answers. I pray we are successful in all we’ve done and may Allah assign His blessings in our answers.

I got to school a bit late today, so I had my Salat Dhuhr after the paper before Asr prayer was called to. Alhamdulillah, I found another one like me who has not prayed, so I had it in congregation.

Getting out of the hall, clothes were designed with  marker, do they call it ‘sign out’? I don’t know, but all were happy. Red markers, blue, black, all sort of colours…

Bulala was running about, he doesn’t want his cloth to be signed on, I don’t know the reason, maybe his mummy will beat him or something or he is planning to wear it on Ojo Odun (festival day).

Although it is not a custom in my school, but Nigerians must be recognized anywhere they are, of course. When we have taken a lot of pictures and sun has done its justice to us, it was then the thought of iftar came into my head. Allah is so wonderful, thanks to Baba Oba, his call changed my plan.

Headed to the metro, got the ticket and gave the host of today a call. We headed towards Lutfy’s house after the sign out for iftar. Jazakumullah Khayran. 

O Allah, we have written our best, give us the best and make us laugh and rest, my colleagues and I. As for those still writing exams, I wish you all  retentive memory. Peace be upon Al Azhar!


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