*Sunny Ramadhan*

I could remember very clearly the date my voyage in Al- Azhar started, I pray all is well and wish myself and friends a sounding success. I am really homesick, by next Tuesday, I could be feeling….. Oh Nigeria here I come.

Everyone expected today’s exam to be so simple, but Profs. in Azhar could be unpredictable most times, they laugh in class but their style of setting questions would leave you in a state of melancholy.

It was the exam Comparative Law in year one when a friend told me after exam: 

Hey Ibraheem, how was the paper? I said Alhamdulillah, fine.

He said: I swear, this hot sun has deleted all the proofs on my head. He meant Ahadith and some laws. 

I can’t laugh at his face that day, but I reminded him today after exam and we laughed together. I pray we laugh till the end.

Though today’s paper was simple than expected, didn’t I say our professors can not be prefigured. But I will say, it still all has to do with either you study well or not. Even if exam is not what actually determines how knowledgeable one is.

All in all, I pray we all graduate in flying colors.

On getting out after exam today, the sun was not smiling at all. We all felt its laughter. If a bowl of water was forgotten in it, it should be good enough cook a bowl of rice. 

I thought about the sun and still thinking about the incomparable sun of the days of resurrection. The day, sun will be brought closer to man than we witness now, I won’t pray it should be easy, I pray I am not in the sun that day. Ya Allah! Hear my call.

Even though there are places with sunny weather than Egypt, today’s own was not too cool for my Ramadhan after exam, maybe I am not used to it. Thanks to Sheikh Bulala, he got us home in a Taxi, kudos to you.

Oh golden sun,

I know i am not the only one in it; I know some people are working in; I know some people, humans like me begging for alms in it; I know some farmers need it; I know some people need it than I do, here I am complaining. O Allah! Forgive me when I whine.

O Allah, do not punish us with the sun and make us amongst those who will be under your shade on the day there will be none but You. Ameen.

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