*Umamun Amthalukum*

*(Nations Like You)*

In history, Islamic civilization was the first to take care of animals that belong to no one in the society. In fact, there was a ministry for that during the time Umar Ibn Abdul Azeez. Read his story.

It is quite unfortunate, the way we treat animals today is horrible and careless. They are a nation Allah has created alongside us to grace His land.

After Sahur today, I turned on lecture of a Shaykh Al Arify on “The End Time”, I think I fell asleep shortly after a moment, that doesn’t happen often, when did lecture became sleeping tablet? I thought he was talking about Dabat, asked the scholars.

I slept like a baby and woke up an hour before Dhuhr, can I still pray Salat Duha at that time? I had to squeeze it in. 

Picked my phone, replied some  messages, read news and turned on Khusary recitation on, who is your best reciter, which voice do you like most?

All that time, I was laying on my bed. A message came in from Baba Oba thanking me for visiting during the break hour. Well, I thank you too sir. Inshaallah, this time next ….. year, you will all come to break in my house. Don’t think the five dots there mean five years. It’s all in the hand of Allah.

Then, to check on missed calls, they called the Adhan for Dhuhr, that time, there was nothing I could do again. All I needed do was a few steps to the elevator, we were four in it. That’s the rule, not more than four in the lift at a time, hostel life you know!
But I did not use the elevator back after Salat, I aimed for exercise but what I saw was another thing entirely.

Umamun Amthalukum,

Very young they were, so beautiful, brown and white stripes around their bellies, they looked so alike as if they were twins, their mouth were a bit opened, lying down, they had their last time, they had their last breath, I can’t but be shocked and moved.

Very young, not up to a month, on that spot they were given birth to, before Ramadhan, but we all forgot them, they were babies. How could I? O Allah forgive me. I have no excuse, we have no excuse, I am sure they both died of hunger.

They eat when we eat, they drink what we drink, in fact, a times we mount the elevator together, none of them were scared of us, their lives were different from others. But one truth is, the beautiful kittens died under my watch.

I am so discombobulated as to what to do, burry them or throw them away. I felt like going, but I remembered they were from another nation like us. The one who taught man how to burry their dead ones was a bird, why would I leave a kitten alone?

What’s so hard, no janaza, no coffin is needed, not a cloth, just burry them. If you can’t it is not a crime. All I am saying is, let’s take care of them like we care for ourselves too. I doubt someone will take care of animals and neglect human beings.

This is a post *Nanabee* must not read, if she does, she won’t take it easy with me. Don’t worry, I will get you another cat. I would have fed them well, but Ramadhan plus exams scrapped feeding them off my mind. I’m sorry to the world of the cats.

O Allah, forgive our negligence, forgive our selfishness and forgive our carelessness. My brother and sister, if you have pets in your care, don’t starve them. If you won’t care for them, don’t own them. If there is one you don’t know the owner and you are capable of feeding them, please do. Cat, fowl, dog and others, they are a nation like us.


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