*Don’t Be Carried Away*

Argument is not the best way to spend my time in Ramadhan, it is never a golden way for a student of knowledge to spend his time. Imam Malik said: “Argument takes away the light of knowledge”.

Yesterday’s post about UCL corresponding with the same time as Tarawih’s has got me received a lot of messages from friends, those I know and those I don’t. Some in support and some stylishly asking, but I am happy. I am happy some people went for prayer and joined the second half. That’s cool and reassuring.

Some have their bite on the article while some read the poem and thanks to guys spreading the news on nairaland. Well, you like it or not, truth must be told, that’s why I am an Azharian, that’s why I am a Muslim.

I have read a lot of projects from many students of knowledge like me or even far better than i am, even some scholars, giving rules on football, but believe me, I won’t ask you not to watch ball, neither will I tell you it is not good to play ball, I do too. 

It is not right because I do, it is not because I say so, who am I to rule over happenings?

It is right because there’s nothing saying it is wrong and it is not worship. Islamically, anything that has nothing to do with WORSHIP is allowed as far as it has nothing against it in the rule of Allah.

The question is this, speaking from the view of the Science of Fiqh, scholars will call playing football Al Ibaha, that is; it is permissible. Yes, permissible but not at the same time of Ibadah in the monty of Ramadhan. That’s a bit absurd.

What will you call a boy whose parent is calling him and he could hear the call but busy playing, permissible? Now we are talking about Salat.

No one is taking the religion too harsh here, it is just a form of sounding warning on setting your priorities right. Seeing football might have no crime in it, but becomes senseless if you prioritize it over Salat. Only God knows how many didn’t pray Isha yesterday because of it. I just hope they didn’t go on betting too.

If you are seeking for forgiveness, don’t commit another crime at least.

No one is passing judgement, and I have not read any post saying whoever watches ball and neglects Tarawih will be punished by Allah or so. All is just to wake your piousness and mine.

It is very funny when everyone now knows that Tarawih is Sunnah, everyone became scholar over the night. Well, it is Sunnah. But neglecting a Sunnah coz of mubah is somehow odd.

Some might argue that does Tarawih has a specific time, can’t they postpone it? Yes! I can postpone my Tarawih, but not for fun. This is not for Tarawih alone, but it goes for every other act as well, don’t face Mubah and leave the Sunnah, don’t be too serious with Sunnah and neglect the Wajib.

I pray Allah forgive our missteps and guide us to the right path. We are still in Ramadhan. Let’s ask for a lot Rahmah from Allah. You watch ball or not, Madrid win or lose, don’t ever forget in anything that you do, in Ramadhan or not, You Are A Muslim.

Have a delicious iftar. Salam Alaykum.


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