*It’s Not About Food*

The streets were silent, 

no car was moving, 

not a fly of a bird 

and the cats were settled, 

on the roads of Cairo.

The atmosphere during fasting differs from one society to the other, maybe that also has to do with people’s culture. I mentioned yesterday that if you try going out when the time of breaking the fast is near, you won’t be able to find any bus going out.

I stared here and there, looking for where people are, of course I know where they will be, but the funny thing is that, people are just different. We are like trees, this gives an orange and the other a grape.

For someone who knows Egyptians very well, you should be able to tell how funny their attitude towards eating is, amazingly funny a times, I am not saying it is bad, it is lovely and beautiful when you are in their gathering; nonetheless, you will always fish out some funny things in different community depending on your own perspective.

When it is time for iftar, if you are too late to get to the canteen, you might not get a suitable sit, people are already sitting on all. It is funny, the importance some people attach to iftar, of course it is important but not a do or die affair.

I saw people sitted in canteens, foods in front of them and expecting the call to prayer. I don’t know either to laugh or wait in surprise. Such is not new to me, but the way yesterday’s sitting was organized was embarrassingly amazing. 

You will also be flummoxed when you see people at their balconies, looking here and there like an owl, they are waiting for the call to salat. The question is, what will he do after the food, is it not to pray? 

Why not break with fruit, it is there for free in the mosque or even if he will buy, then pray after little fruit he had. No Imam who understands fiqh well will elongate Maghrib prayer in Ramadhan. It is a matter of minutes my brother, then retire to your dining.

However, you will always see those people whose hearts are attached to the mosque all time. Many are there at the mosque, waiting for Adhan to be called, they were not even rushing for the fruit because it will be more than enough. At times you would feel it is a Maidah from Sama’. (Dining From The Sky).

I will keep saying it, Ramadhan is not all about food, it is a training ground, the courses you will be taking in it are more than boycotting food and drink from dawn to dusk, but patience in everything. If you can be patient from morning till now, why rush yourself in something not more than 10 minutes?

I know this is not a talk to Egyptians only, many do like that. It is the nature of human being to long for things and satisfy his or her desire, but, what ever you are doing, do it honorably.

Be patient while fasting, be modest while breaking. You still have a lot more, when you want to eat, remember those who don’t have and pray to Allah to help them.

May Allah put Baraka in your iftar.


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