*How Is It In Your Area* 

Islam is a universal religion, chosen by Allah Himself as the only path. He decreed He will never accept any other than it. So, I congratulate myself before you being Muslims.

The light of Ramadhan is still illuminating our souls and that’s transferred to beautifying our communities. How is Ramadhan in your area?

Growing up as a boy, when the sun is about to set, i could still perceive the smell of those years Moimoi, the delicious sound of bean cake’s oil on fire; I am talking about the ones those mama sell on the roads of Lagos. The beautiful voice of the advert of different things they sell.

The memory is fantastic!

I don’t think there is anywhere in the world with the varieties of foods like Africa, I don’t want to dwell into that. I can count a number of food the Egyptians have, the Americans also have not more than beverages, maybe, many even go to eateries. But come to look into the heart of beautiful Africa, remembering those days, I think Nigeria has the best jolof rice.

Many have fruits at iftar. What is it that we don’t have? Go to any mosque by the time of iftar, you will definitely get your hands on any type of fruit. I love banana, oranges and pineapple. Our Imams atimes keep extra to share for children after Magrib.

On the streets and roads of Egypt, don’t allow going out cross your mind at that moment, I bet you, you will never find a bus to your destination. Everyone is already breaking their fast. Won’t drivers break too?

I planned to go break in a friend’s house today, luckily, I found a bus going to a destination nearer to his house. Alighting at the destination to board another bus. I can’t see even a bird, maybe they’ve gone to break too. So, I summoned my leg to dribble the road. Just 5 minutes to the call of Salat, a car packed by my side.

Salam Alaykum brother….

Wa Alaykum  Salam I replied. Stretched was his hands to me, full of dates and a bottle of a chilled juice. That’s Egyptian for you. When you are looking for stinginess, you can try another country, not Egypt.

But then, I think, he would not have given me that…

It is the light of Ramadhan.

I saw something today very funny, but before i talk about that….. Keep the spirit up, enjoy the brotherhood and sisterhood. How is Ramadhan in your place and how is the ibadaat going? Taqabbalallahu minkum.


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