*Hello My Dear Sister.*

Is it not cool that Ramadhan is going on fine with you? I am so happy too. How I wish today is the first day of Ramadhan, but, are we not all longing for the night of majesty also, we’ve waited a whole year, and here we are, Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, I am happy. Ramadhan has more meaning than not eating. As a matter of fact, we are getting use to it, it has been four days. Nonetheless, someone is not happy.

I saw a girl this morning, a little girl though, she’s drinking a cup of water, then, the thought of our Muslim sisters came into my heart, don’t be sad, it is Allah’s decree to have your period.

I can understand your zeal and intention to fast this  morning, but there is nothing you can do to the blood. You just have to let go. You can’t fast in that state. I understand your pain, you feel like there is no rewardable act you can indulge yourself in.

As far as you are menstruating, all you can’t do is limited to fasting, praying (salat) and maybe recitation of Qur’an except for a student of knowledge learning Qur’an or having Qur’an as exam, she has to device like the male. Ask the student of Al Azhar and other schools writing exams now.

However, there are lots you can do; who ask you to stop giving sadaqah, who forbids you from supplicating to Allah, who stops you from doing good, who discourages you from feeding others. If you feed a fasting brother or sister, you will also have the same reward as him or her, did the prophet not say : “who ever feeds someone fasting will have the same reward as him without a grade of reduction in that of the faster’s reward”…. On the authority of Said in Tirmizy. Faster, I like that word.

I know you feel shameful, don’t, because it is normal, or, are you ashamed of being a girl? I am sure you are proud of that. You are the one, whom if absent, I doubt how men will have a delicious meal at iftar and sahur. Do you know? Even if it is your duty to cook, you are also getting reward. I don’t want to say that your reward is according to how delicious your food is, Oh, I miss my mum, could there be a good cook anywhere? Iseju die loku.

My dear sister, as far as you are in your cycle’s state, you have to eat. Don’t say, I am menstruating but can’t eat. No, there is no such thing as I am praying without ablution. You get it? You must eat, but don’t do it in the public for the respect of the month. But if there I no other means for you than to eat in an eatery, my dear, you have to do it. It is not Haram.

It’s a matter of days, 3, 5, 7 or what have you, it will stop and I pray it is easy for and on you. Wake at night, supplicate too, no ablution, no prayer, just pray to Allah and ask of your needs.

Keep up your good deeds, keep on supplicating to Allah, keep on praying for the Muslim Ummah and don’t forget me in your prayer. 

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