I once heard when Ronaldinho was reported to be clueless on how to spend his money, I laughed and said to myself, all he needed was hire me as a consultant, I won’t even charge him. In just 15 minutes, the whole of his wealth will be powdered. Do you know the secret to that? It is generosity.

Of course, we won’t just be giving alms, we will set up businesses too, empower  people, help the needy, build houses, construct roads and co…

I am not an economist but I have an idea how to spend a huge amount of money.

It is an amazing thing when Islam teaches about generosity and kindness as to its hand not limited to giving out money alone. The prophet went as stating in his statement that; “smiling at the face of your brother is Sadaqah”.

Sadaqah, if you like translate it as kindness, good or even generosity or charity. While I was younger, I understood it as alms giving alone.

By alms giving, we might think it is only money but it is more than that. Why this topic? Because we are in the month it pays you most. Ask yourself, how many have laughed, No, smiled, because of you since Ramadhan started?

I want to say that generosity begins from little things, so that the poor ones like me won’t say I am not up to the task. This month is all about striving to gain reward.

It is called Sadaqah because it affirms the truth being of mankind. It is kindness with money, with your caring attitude towards others, your aid for them in the time of need, your visit to them at the hospital, our visit to the graveyard to pray for the dead ones and not seeking from them, your phone call to a brother you long called and your prayer for those people who don’t know you, not to talk of those that know you. A way to gain Allah’s love and bounties. Sadaqah is love.

Soon, we shall be having series of articles on Sadaqah but for now, share the little you have. Don’t eat your dates alone, share your orange into two if not four, after all, one orange is not enough for your hunger, but you will feel the satisfaction if you share with your friend(s) with joy.

If someone gives you a date, give it to someone else, I am sure you will get another one from another person too. In that manner, you fasted and feed another fasting fellow. You know what that means right? It is not about how much food you give them, after all you are not paying for Kaffarah. This is Ramadhan, share the love, invite people to eat and go eat with them. There’s nothing like ojukokoro in it.

Sadaqah, give your body its rightful Sadaqah too. Ramadhan doesn’t mean filling your bowels to the brims at iftar. Eat moderately, and you won’t suffer going up and down sighing during Tarawih.

O Allah! Accept the Sadaqah, those sweet words, those good looks, those people waking others for Sahur, those fine smiles and those beautiful voices reading Qur’an. Accept the Sadaqah of scholars delivering lectures here and there in all parts v. V of the world. O Allah! Accept our offerings and prayers. You are the Lord of the world.


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