It was just yesterday when we started the worship in this blessed month, many are striving to gain lot of rewards by doing all acts of worship. That’s so cool and outstanding about Muslims.

Just yesterday, when those who heard the call of Adhan to the mosque for tarawih got there and the rows were full, Rukuh was straight and Sujud were perfect.  

Going to school this morning, there was traffic on the road, no siren, I would have guessed an accident, I don’t know how it happened, but the unanimous repetition of Kalmatu sh Shahada is all I could hear. And such sound from the cemetery, I understood what it meant.

Allah Akbar, Muslims are amazing, from a sad portion in their heart, on the second day of Ramadhan, beside the shadow  of cemetery, their souls were attached.

Just yesterday, maybe he prayed too, maybe he fasted too, people oozing out from cemetery all because of him. He is dead. Did he not pray well?

OK, hold on, don’t be too scared, he might have been sick before Ramadhan, after all, I never knew him. It is another opportunity for me to have a reward, Janaza, here I come. Whose funeral prayer is the next, mine or yours?

I have heard of someone having his iftar and died at the point, just after hiccups.  I’m not saying you should not eat. In fact you must, I am just saying, eat like it is your last meal. Sleep like you won’t wake. Wake like it is your last hope.

This life is a blink of an eye, how many will you live, how long will you stay? 

A hundred? 

One thousand years?

This life is time, make it obedience to Allah. Soul always desire, teach it contentment.

It could be your last Ramadhan, so fasten your belt. Let it change you, morally and spiritually.

O Allah, forgive the deceased amongst our brothers, grant us mercy before death and forgive us after it. O Allah, this Ramadhan might be the last, but I pray, make us witness another.


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