A times, guys joke amongst themselves about their love life like ladies do. I was just sitting jejely on my own nitemi.

I know ladies do that because while I was a love whistle blower, I learned a lot from them. Yes, love whistle blower, do you wanna know what that mean, contact me, I will tell you how to know he or she loves you.

There is a friend of mine who is so holy that I can’t even think of hearing this from him, he is Father Theresa.

Isn’t the other one tough, though he’s not oniranu, I am just a spectator.

He said to father Theresa, do you like a fat lady, then my right ear vibrated to the answer he gave.

He said: Do you mean a balloon. I can’t help but laugh out my ass. 

He further said: After a child, she’ll become a mama and I won’t be able to tell her I love you.

Even though I disagree with him on that, what brought out my teeth was that he is not the type I think would say such. But, ladies, don’t take this personal, not all men like slim ladies.

Here comes what happened to me, while in our course of joke. My guy has nothing in his skull than this marriage stuff, we are writing our finals and he already booked his ticket home. Once out of the hall, the next thing is airport. Lol… Safe journey in advance.

So I was joking and said to him, will you help me write my exams while I go home for marriage…… He said let me go marry for you.

Can I marry for you? I said… He sprinkled a glass of water on me instead. 

This marriage issue in the brain of young guys now is funny. I wish all newly married friends a peaceful home, and as for those working on it, I pray God ease your affairs.

I dedicate this post to my bosom friend, I am sorry for my absence, but trust me…. We are in it together. To you, The Husband Of His Wife.

Nevertheless, I keep thinking if I can marry in Ramadhan, the month has come when you can’t move closer to your wives except at night. I will advice patience and piousness in this month and I pray we graduate from the school in purity and forgiveness. Ramadhan Kareem.