I don’t know how to begin this post, I deleted and edited so many times. I wanted to begin, by saying; it is painful as I feel the death of Ogun State Governor, because I know, if he’s alive, there should have been something done to the death of a whole family in their house under his nose, but then, I decided not to use that word.

If it was a fire outbreak, I think we would just mourn them, pray for them and keep quiet. If they had accident on their way travelling, it would be understandable; but murdered in cold blood, in their own house? This is more than a Jamb question.

Who killed them, for what reasons, how could there be no traces? I don’t want to believe what some people are suggesting but won’t the authority do something? Yes, I know police are working and I know what has happened has happened, my question is, who is the next family to die?

My fear now is the state the people of Ogun will be in, anyone could just be announced dead the following morning. I have families and friends there, loved ones, those I don’t know and won’t like to hear sad news about. Not everyone who clamours for the freedom of Chibok girls has a blood relation with them.

Only God knows, maybe he has a deal with someone or Some people or not, and the grave of his involvement made them conclude his assassination; yet, I don’t think it should get to a stage where we take laws into our own hands. 

For argument sake, let’s assume he did something we don’t know. What about the children, did they kill someone’s family too? What’s their crime? Where is the law…… Can we say everyone killed in a place has also killed someone in another place? Just asking myself.

Freedom is at stake in Ogun state, but before it gets to other states, something must be done! After the death of an Imam in Akodo years ago,  there have been several similar occurrences, with nothing being done about it. How many souls will be rendered as bonus again?

I am not fighting for an Imam here because I am a Muslim, if a pastor were to be killed in the same way, I definitely will talk. I am not asking people to count score, but we won’t keep quite when a Nigerian is unjustly killed, either at home or in diaspora. If we can not share in the national cake, which many has lost hope in, don’t we have right to live too?

The president is not around, now let me get this to the honorable man taking his charge… This happening will be registered in your name as you are the one around, I will always refer to it as “during the time of Osinbanjo”. I don’t want to mention the Governor’s name because, I don’t think he lives.

To Imam Amzat Yusuf, I pray your shortcomings and that of your wife is forgiven. I also weep over the death of those hope cut short, we will forever love you, and to the families and friends of the Imam, school mates and teachers of their 4 children, I hope solace comes to your grief. To Imam Amzat Yusuf and his entire family, I pray you rest in peace for you are all martyrs.