The first day I saw you

I was like heeeee, 


not for me.

Maybe ’cause you were far away,

but one gigantic magnetic force

pulled me over, like an aroma of


Your face is the pot,

Your nose is my tomatoes.

Let me taste, please, let me.

Your lips are making my heart beat so fast like jigijigigbamgbam.

Your set of incisors 

make me feel like a man

Instead of a woman,

With your dimples so deep,

And love poisoning.

I saw your beard, I loved it.

But when you talked,

I moved closer,

Opened your cap

For my heart asked,

Who the cap fit?

So I Tried It On.

I felt like hugging you.

Either close to me

or far away

Your name is on my lips.

The reason behind my smile,

After Allah.

I slept yesterday,

Unconsciously, your name I murmured.

My sister asked me;

Sister, are you mad?

But I smiled radiantly.

Mum said: maybe she’s in love

And warmly I touched their hands,

And say they were both right.

For my heartbeat; Olami,

In him I am madly in love with.

*©The Broken Pen*