Yesterday, I was actually joking with a friend but what I uttered was so bad and till now, even if he has forgiven me, I have not forgiven myself. Just three words, but the crime is bigger than 3 million lies. 

Many a time,  we feel we are joking or chatting and lose track then go out of line in our addresses to whomever. If you utter words, especially to those who are a bit close to you they can easily forget and over look, but the reverse is the case to those you don’t know and some of those you know too. Not all have the courage and heart to forgive.

It takes great courage to forgive, believe me. No sin is too small, the weight of your deed is as a result of courage. So you need to lower your shoulder of arrogance and summon up courage to seek forgiveness, then you will be forgiven. Those who don’t seek forgiveness from men won’t seek from God. If men don’t forgive you, how will you gain God’s Forgiveness?

Yes, to err is human but not at the pace of doing it deliberately. That is no longer an error, but simply devilish. Bad actions might be grave, same as bad utterances. Words are like eggs, when you drop them you can’t take them back.

Such is the case of sins, when you are committing them your heart is blinded. But immediately after you are satisfied, you try to unfold the blinded heart, then you beat your chest as if it is the heart and wished you never did. But you will realize you aren’t beating your heart. You know why? Because it was never blind.

Utterances can go as far as winning you medals and can cause you to be sentenced to death. 

Pharaoh’s arrogant actions on earth are reported, though we are not seeing many examples of those anymore even if they were written, but the weight of his utterances is still memorized by many students. He proclaimed himself God of the world.

Forget about him, his daddy’s (Satan I mean) utterances caused him to be banished and cursed by Allah. 

Someone would speak, and won’t care about what he said, but fell in Allah’s pleases, and because of that becomes a dweller of Paradise; and another would speak out of carelessness, but Allah will be displeased with what he says, thereby making him end in hell.

That’s how far utterances can go. From the prophet’s saying.

Nonetheless, I won’t fail to give you glad tidings that Allah is oft-forgiving. And men are also sharing at least an atom of his attributes. Men forgive too, all you need do is show your regret and utter a better word, at least say: I’m Sorry.

To my husband, who waited so long expecting his food but all I could kill him with is the aroma; to my friend who I disgraced in the midst of others; to some lady’s heart which I have broken; to the guy I professed my love to but I did not mean it; to the bus conductor I molested; to the beggars on street I looked down upon; to the gate man I slammed the door at his face; to the student I failed for no reason rather than pride; to my wife who struggles to satisfy me but I never told her thank you; to my mother, expecting my return but here I am faraway from home; to those who miss me but I seemed to them like I don’t care; to my grandpa, who died but I was not at his burial, to my friends, those I said things I don’t mean to but hurt them so much, I want you yo know I don’t mean it, but I regret it. I Am Sorry.

At times, when you err people in hiding, you need to repent in a hidden place too between you and them, and a times when you molest them in the public, repent in the public too. Here I am in the face of the world….. To all the friends I wronged, I’m Sorry.

©Ibraheem The Broken Pen.