Since today is marked #NationalPoetryDay… I intend writing on whistle blower, but will just leave it for another time when another pool of dollars is digged up.

My name is a yolk

I’m still an embryo

I’m growing to grow

But obstacles say no

How can you dream to rise

when darkness is your abode

My story is just like Jonah’s,

While he lived in the shark.

In the duskiness of water,

In the swarthiness of a belly,

a cemetery inside a big fish;

He founded his way out.

Even though I’m surrounded

By lies and white darkness;

I still will grow, I’m certain.

My zeal, my power,

Everything comes from the inside

No one could have grown

Without an internal power.

Ask a mother in labor

of the secret of her success.

Today, I’m a yolk

Tomorrow, I will break the shell

Next tomorrow, a cheek

Next week, a fowl

I will cock by the clock

To wake you for work

That will be me,

Buzz, cock-a-doodle-doo

The beginning might be dark

The way ahead might be narrow

But no matter how long’s the night

The day will break I’m sure.

©|braheem The Broken Pen.