I’m not suppose to be posting this to the world, but I have discovered since I started writing that, those things you don’t want to say, or those things you don’t want to write a times are actually what you should say or write without a second thought.

I have always loved to see guys… I mean ruffians and the so call Amúgbó in our community…. Guided to the path. But for a good boy to become a weed smoker, is that not a curse?

I don’t know the joy in smoking neither can I fathom the reason for drinking. 

I asked a friend who drinks sometimes ago, why do you drink? his reply was just like any others..

To wipe my thoughts. To quench my anger. The question is, after a drinker sobers, won’t the agony of his thoughts return?

I was so happy to wake up today but not just for two hours before I received the mind blowing video, I won’t be sharing the link for really I hope it doesn’t go viral than it has. 

How devastated will a rich man who becomes poor be, it is a pitiful case. However, if a poor man becomes rich, then he is a celebrity. A lost mind finding his way is wonderful, but for someone who once was attached to God later becomes the frenemy of devil is heart breakening.

I want to be as short as I could because I don’t wanna take much of your time reading this article today, but lemme say.

For a moment, forget the video I said I saw. There’s a verse in the Qur’an….
Do you enjoin people about good deeds but you forget your own soul, do you have no sense. Q2 vs 44.

He was in the midst of his fraternity smoking weed, and he was just reading Surat Taha with an outstanding tajwid that even many so call students of knowledge find it difficult to get so easily. He must have attended a very good school, but whatever turned his life anti clockwise is unknown to me, but I must say the following.

At first as I weep seeing such an incident, I was like maybe he doesn’t know the meaning of what he was reading, but with the way he reads and jesticulates, I can see he really understood what he was reading or maybe not. But one thing is sure, his mind is blind, no, dead.
I later came to some conclusions and among them are the following….

Parents as the first school a child attends must never allow the child graduate until they themselves die. My aunt once told me, “no matter how old a child grows, he is still a child.” Being a child means they must always be adviced. If not so, I wonder why lecturers in schools seek for what’s under ladies skirts in many institutions in our country. Is that a lecturer or a SEXURER. You can’t find that word in the dictionary so don’t bother looking for it.

Quranic or Biblical verses should not just be memorized. They must be thoughtfully taught; the demeanors they preach, the love, the peace, the laws, the way of thinking, the heart control before worship is a must that must be explained by those that understand them. It is not always about how vast your reading is, how beautiful your voice is on the alter, rather, you should ask yourself, how deep is what you are saying to people in your own self’s mind.

He is a great looser, he that learns the ways of God but follows not it. 

I later smiled after dropping my pen, remembering how this same Surah, chapter 20 of the Qur’an changed the life of Amir l Mu’minin, Umar bn Al Khattab on the day he set out to kill the prophet.

I will also like advice students of knowledge to be firm and have good intention in all they do. There are bunches of examples I could cite but like I said, check deep down yourself and correct your own wrong. 

Are you a scholar, don’t abuse your scholarship, an Imam, don’t confuse your follower, a pastor, don’t build hatred in people’s mind, an actor, a teacher, an artist, no one should abuse his or her art and act. And a friend, be your brother’s mirror.

Whatever you learn in life, don’t just do it for fun, don’t take friend for talking sake, if they won’t build you for better, seek someone else out. You don’t need 20 friends, just few that you gain from and they do from you will do. 

I always wonder when I see someone having 2000 friends on Facebook, some have even exceeded the limit of friends they can have. I use to think, if I want to wed, can 200 people come, what if I die, will my Facebook friends come too. Wedding matters, yes, but Janaza (funeral peayer) matters more. How many will come if I die.

Sorry, I seem to be losing my track of thought, maybe because I am not settled for what I see. I will beg any that sees the video not to re-share, it is not worth watching, it is only mind disturbing. Lastly I will say, be firm in finding your way and don’t let anything sway you. Salam.

©Ibraheem The Broken Pen.