The name of Abu Bakr Siddiq has gone viral to an extend he is expected to be known by all; after all, even the trees in desert and the walls of the Arabian peninsula knew who he was.

I am not talking about him today. Instead, I will be talking about a man, a funny one.

He looks like a scholar in his style, walks and dresses like one but far from that. He was so cool and gentle, seeing him describes angels moving on the surface of the earth. No one would ever have thought of him as a novice in the Islamic understanding.

The main Imam of the mosque travelled to his home town and he was the next person the community could think of in the absence of the Imam for three weeks. He was asked to take the place of the Imam.

He was called to deliver a Friday sermon. He couldn’t say no but knew himself. What is he going to talk about. Good enough for him, he wasn’t given a topic.

Here comes the D-day. He showed up, mount the mimbar and start. What did he say?

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, Alhamdulillah Rabbil Alamin. O my people! Do you all know Abubakr? They replied yes.

He said: if you all know him, so what should I tell you about.  Let’s pray. We will continue next week. Aqimu Salat.

They prayed and departed.

The following Jumah, he started like the previous. Who knows Abu Bakr? They all replied No.

He said: you are all ignorants, you know nothing about the man who helped your prophet and stood by him. The one who was ready to die for him, his partner in the cave. You are all an ingrate. I am angry at you. Let’s pray. Aqimu Salat.

Two weeks are gone and left is the last week. Here comes the week. But the congregation was ready for him this time, he won’t have a way out they thought.

Do you all know Abubakr. They gave a reply, very interesting one. Some of them answered Yes and some said No.

And he ended his sermon interestingly too. He said: those who know should teach who doesn’t know. Aqimu Salat.

Wasalam alaykum.

      |braheem Ahmad