The most amazing thing that happened to me today was the new life I am blessed with. Not everyone was provided that bonus. Since you are reading this, you should be thankful too because you are alive.

But then, the bonus is an offer. A new offer to do new good, good opportunity for you to make people smile, to seek forgiveness, to reconcile, to plan. New live to forget your wrong past and correct it to live on for better.

They were suppose to be four, but I remembered I counted 8 men, some more were eager to join them carrying the coffin in which the body was in. I don’t know who is in it. But I am sure he must have been a man, woman, rich or poor, a leader or follower. He was a human kind just like you.

The mosque is having a visitor today, a Friday, Janazah after Jumah. He was called today, another person tomorrow, mine might be the next. And YOU will definitely join the underworld dwellers.

Don’t fight it, 

Forget how rich you are, Qarun died.

Are you that beautiful, the first Miss World died too.

Many fear how powerful you are, 

have you read about Fir’aun?

The best of men, Muhammad, he died too.

Yes, Jesus is coming back, you know why, one reason is that, he’s also coming back to die.

You are so greedy. Why struggle so hard for what you will soon leave. You are looking at the days as if still so far. I am still 25 years old, 30 or 18. It is not about your birthday, it is about the fate you know nothing about. Believe me, it’s just about numbers, hidden numbers.

You might not live to see that birthday you are planning…. I am not praying so, I am just giving the possible facts. Don’t plan for party and forget your soul.

You act 

as if you’ve never heard 

of the history of those gone.

And you’re not 

seeing what’s happening 

to those in your surrounding.

If you don’t know, 

those are their houses

Wind blew them away 

and those are their graves.

Take a breathe and pounder over your actions. What should be written in your records? angels are keeping the record.

What should people remember you for? 

Men don’t forget your print in their lives.

What do your family members know you for, your friends, colleagues, children or even your wife and your parents before her.

Don’t think you will have another chance to live, what lives after you is your history. What history have you written?

I will conclude and pray to God to forgive the dead and advise you to reschedule your time table. I won’t stop but tell you this:

Every second in man’s life tells him

Verily, life is minutes and seconds

Create a memorable picture for yourself before you leave

For remembrance is man’s second life

©Ibraheem The Broken Pen.