A question was posted to me some days ago by a bosom friend asking me of a name, Unaysa. I was like, Mashaallah. There are lots of Unaysa, I don’t have any as a friend. In fact, in the community I grew up, people just get exposed to giving such beautiful name to their daughters.

Many are addicted to naming their children a beautiful names, but they don’t really care about the meaning. Even as popular as Ibraheem is, many a Ibraheem don’t know the meaning of his name. What’s the meaning of Aisha, Zakariyya, Maryam; even as simple as Khadija is or let me say as famous as it is, my Khadijah don’t know the meaning. The funny thing about this is that, it is not funny not to know the meaning of your name.

Knowing the meaning and reason behind your name might a times give you courage to do good things, I wonder seeing an ignorant Aisha, a stubborn Ibrahim, a disobedient Abdullah and or a promuscous Abefe or Abeke and co… That’s a shame on such name.  Like I wrote sometimes ago on my blog, with a topic, what’s your name. Here is the  link. Enjoy it too.


If name is all about beauty, Dajjal would have been a befitting name to so many. Well, name doesn’t need have meaning to some, that’s why you see a football  player bearing DrinkWater, a wrestler bearing StoneCold and so one. If I have a son, I will still name him Ibraheem.

Coming back to the name of prophet’s foster sister, I think the best way to start the question of this type is by asking, did Abdullah, the father of prophet Muhammad (May Allah be pleased with him) had another child before or after him? Don’t trouble your mind, the answer is No. Even he died before the Light was born.

So what’s this topic about. Don’t forget the name. Unaysa bint l Harith. Allow me let the cat out of the sack.

In Islam, there are five links to brotherhood. If you have a link to someone in such a way, you could be called a real brother to that fellow.

1. Brothers from the same father and mother

2. Brothers from the same father only (Paternal brother)

3. Brothers from the same mother only (Maternal brother)

4. Brothers in the same breast. (Milk kinship)

5. Brothers in Islam

Those are the real five ones. Right now I am not talking about some common terms like living in the same country and the like. Yes, my fellow Nigerian is my brother in Nigeria too, irrespective of his religion. And mind you, when I say, brothers, sisters are inclusive.

One of the brotherhood chain I mentioned above is via breastfeeding.

For someone who reads a bit about the story of the prophet (SAW), he or she would have heard about the blessed woman who breastfed him, Halima from the tribe of Sa’diya.

She (May Allah be pleased with her) had children of hers whom she breastfed too and some others. Amongst them are Shaima, Abdullah and of course Unaisah.

Some call her Anisa while some pronounce Unaysa. 

The rulings on marrying such a woman in Islam has a lot to it. But this post is not meant for that. 

The question is just a puzzle, Muhammad was the only child of his parent. May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, his households, companions and his sisters.

©Ibraheem The Broken Pen.