I would still be riding on my camel

Rearing cattles along with Dezibel

But I saw the fire works at the chapel

calling me, as people pray with an angel

It was the sound of an inflated balloon

When the roasted oil fell on my rima oris, so boon

I vigorously surf for him; dealer of words tycoon

He was made in Ogun, but with his twin in Lagoon

The light of the arena, where writers connect

He built a home, where all pen disect

The born of Shakespeare, your ways I elect

Your adages are injection that set brains erect

Today is your day, I don’t know what to give

But for your love in my heart, my sister will forgive

I’m thankful you’re single, but not single you’ll live

I tie you with Safeeraht, her lipstick is captive

To live like a legend, don’t play away today

For days are to come, when no more you will hay

The deeds of today, the friends of Monday

Your word is the guide, for generations to come -way-

Aswagaawy my man, the lord of the pen

The toothpick that walks like a man into the den

Your name shall be praised on earth and on Ben

Your future shall not break like a Zero on a Ten

*©|braheem {Broken Pen}™*

    *Legend Of The Month*

    *Aswagaawy The Boss*

       *Live Long, Live On.*