I should be 7 years of age.

I was at the tutorial center with my colleagues, when Tope seeks an excuse from our teacher that she needs to use the wash room, our teacher allowed her to go home and do that. Probably the neighbours were using tutorial’s guest room, since our house is not too far, she was allowed to go home.

On her arrival back to the tutorial center, she whispered into my ears. she said: Ibraheem,  your mum has put to bed. Miose meni se meji, quickly I went to our master, I said sir, I want to use the toilet. But unfortunately for me, I was asked to go use the toilet in his house. I said no sir, I want to go to our house but he declined, so I started crying.
Hahaa.. Why are you crying? I said I want to go home to use the toilet.

I really wanna see my mum and the new kid, but I was not allowed. I begged like I was born to do nothing than beg in my life, cried and cried. My master was wicked I thought, I was not allowed, but God answered my prayer, the closing hour came to pass. I don’t know what will happen if he had delayed me again. I remembered Tope brought my slate home. Do you remember slate?

Very funny, I got home, I was just looking like a dummy…. What would I have done for the baby, bathed or breastfed her. I was just staring at my mum on her bed and could do nothing but continue to stare.

My mum don’t breastfeed baby in the presence of many, that I could remember. At least I have more than two younger ones, but many ladies don’t care. African ladies after giving birth they don’t really give their chest the honour of veiling in the midst of many(women or men).

I have not seen an Egyptian lady breastfeeding her toddler in the public until today, I was surprised really. Your chest has not gain freedom to be released anywhere for show until you become an adult at the age of 80. Then you could attract no one anymore. But as a new mother, that’s bullshit.

I was expecting her (a lady breastfeeding a child in the public) to at least back the public or cover her breast, i know how Muslim ladies who use hijab cover theirs but i still can’t fathom the way you will do hours if you are not using hijab but, I am sure you will find a way. I have seen in parties, where ladies feed their children, they feel no shame about that, infact, a camera man once covered a lady doing that and the scene is what a guy loves seeing at while watching the video alone at home. Imagine someone’s else wife, someone’s else sister or mother.

Now that ladies don’t care about the Showoff’s, They don’t care who sees it. It is shamefully normal. Gone were those days when Miss Nigeria dress in a full traditional attire, but now, to win, you know what to show.

I am not talking about ladies dresses here, this article is not meant for that, I only have a piece of advice for our ladies….
Especially on environmental days, the last Saturday of every month, you see ladies roam about in wrapper, with bowl of water on their heads roaming about in search for water, with chewing stick in their mouth, that’s a shameful act. If I was your boyfriend and see you that way, believe me, we are done.

Keep your nude to yourself and the one who has the right to it only, you can do whatever in your house. But give the right of everyone to them even at home. But in the public, remain modest.

I don’t have much to say this week, for it has been a very busy one with some crazy books. I only want to say, stop flaunting what is not meant to be shown. Your chest is not a kite, so keep it under veil.

©Ibraheem {Broken Pen}