Today, I want to celebrate an icon of the writer’s world. The man to whom the Whole World Of Writers, the Universe of Inkers and the Oblongata of Thinkers, all are connecting together to say a Happy Birthday to the Icon of words….

Prof. Niyi Osundare

Though, this is coming in arrears, I still will doff my hat to the Daddy of poets.

The poem is titled…..

Niyi Osundare

To the blender of words from the world come afar

The grinder of abstruse adages of my mother land

The crafter and reformer of words that vague

The sprinkler of salt to the soup that yuks

The bees in the hives and those on trees

And birds abroad and home are free

The warmth is felt by all pen that freeze

They sing to the drum that beat of your wits

The sun will smile for the moon is happy

The stars of noon are rushing to the dusk

To praise thy name and shout in rows

Their rows in the sky is the spelling of thy name

The days we count from ages till date

They think you’re jaded but your hair is grey

Your day is bright, your mind is polish

Niyi Osundare, forever you will flourish

©Ibraheem {Broken Pen}