I have been eating too much lately and I don’t know where the food is storing itself. There are times I feel some of the foods i eat don’t get digested, it’s not like I care about it. I’ve once heard balanced diet but I don’t care to know what It is; I take whatever comes my way, I have no plight for any food. 

Some of the ladies I know don’t eat too much and when you see the one that does, you will be scared. They know the important of food maybe, that’s why they eat whatever too. It’s a good thing though. I know of old men who don’t like children who don’t eat.

ln a nutshell, not all women will be like ADAKU. Some are thin, even more than I am and still they clamor for losing their weights. This makes me wonder and I ask myself, what reason could be behind that?

Some ladies just want to lose weight because they hear people are loosing weight. I don’t know why some don’t just find out before doing things and go for what’s in vogue. I’ve got a friend who doesn’t care, she just wanna be who she is. If she adds weight, fine, if not, no problem (natural girl).

I asked a girlfriend of mine, would you like to lose some pounds? In the blink of an eye she said yes of course. I asked why?

She said: When I get married and become pregnant I’m gonna add weight anyways, it’s better I lose some pounds before then.

I was like, so? She said, my cheeks are getting bigger already and I smiled, I like big cheeks;

They just make me smile. But does she really needs that, I don’t know.

Some ladies claim their husbands don’t like it, saying their husbands won’t be able to lift them up. Why should that be a problem. Just advise him to go gym. He won’t be able to carry you? Why marry a weak man?

Our wedding is coming and if I don’t lose some pounds, I may not look good in pictures, I may not look good with make up. Are you trying to intimidate fat ladies.

Hey you fat bae, don’t worry, your boo likes you that way. Keep getting fatter.

My dear sister, in your quest for losing some pounds, I want you to consider some other things you need to lose.

You grow everyday, you are losing a day getting closer to your grave. You meet new people, what do you learn from them? You gain new experience, what good have you made of it? Hoooo! You might ask why I break the lines and chose another line of talk. Yes I will.

Many have attacked me saying all my posts support ladies. Well, I am only speaking the truth the way I see it. Nevertheless, you have a lot to change too.

Lose some weight in your mannerless approach to your In-laws. I don’t know what problem you might possibly have with them, respect them and let go off your arrogance.

A girl once told me people don’t like her, they always betray her, they always complain about her. Not bothering to find out why it is so. How can the whole world hate you for nothing? Even devil has friends, wives and children.

Some ladies have clear minds and are caring and loving, so kind, but when they are betrayed, they find it difficult to forgive. Those that forgive won’t forget.

Well, I won’t say you should totally forget that your crush, i didn’t say hate him, but not to fall a victim for another guy. Once you are ready, good guys are always there ready to take you in. No need to rush. No need to lose your weight of patience.

The way you talk to your husband is another thing too. You respect him before marriage and now; you are uncntrollable. One hand no enter ya yansh again. 

My dear sister, whatever you are losing or reducing, just don’t forget to lose the weight of your sins too. 

Don’t focus all your attention on your outer look and forget the inner beauty.

Once it was said:

O ye body’s servant, till when will serve your body

Are you looking for gain in what would be lost

Focus on your soul and complete its important task

For you are your soul, man is not the body

Check those places you are wrong and make amendments. 
It is still the month of women, so, enjoy the rest of the week and lose some pounds if you want.

*©Ibraheem {Broken Pen}*