To The Bride

{Mustapha Omolara Barakat (Larry BBee)}
Yes, you are the flower he is begging a whole town for. You are that lady so beautiful, he adores. You are the one he received the commandments from the Most High, Allah subhanahu wata’ala from. For YOU is all preparation because you are worth it.

Yes… You will leave your parents garden today but don’t be scared, cause you’ve chosen well. The day he attempted wooing you, he knew he must provide you an abode, I mean a good one. You won’t have a problem about where to live. Be rest assured.

A cold place in the summer, a warm home in the winter. He is capable, I know you understand that.

The food you shall be fed upon, you’ll also be biting fruits together while your tongue rolls on his. He is now your partner. The one to see when you wake, the one who keeps you awake while awaiting his return from work. No more extracool, when is he beside you. You won’t need your Hijab on in front of him, keeping your modesty for him all these while, you have done a great job dear. Now, Live together. 

*And  he puts between you, love and compassion. Q30vs21.*

I didn’t say you shouldn’t be civilized if that’s what they call it, but spending all his money at eateries is not prudent at all. Make sure you cook always and on time, and dear, don’t stick to a time table. Make his parent know your spices are incomparable.

Why complain about his dresses! can’t you dress like brother Ibraheem, don’t you see how brother Ahmad always walk, why wear this again today, what is your problem, can’t you cream your body.

The prophet (may Allah be pleased with him) once said..

O group of women, do a lot of Sadaqa and Istigfar, because you are the most in the hell. Some ladies there then asked him, Oh prophet of Allah, why is that so….

One of the reasons he mentioned was that….

You ladies complain too much.

Complain less and construct him into a man you want, into the mode you want him to be. His software is in your hand, just format his head into your default settings.

If you are a good wife and you know the secrets of men which I won’t tell you cause they are different. You would know they are just robots. Be passionate on him like a child, then you’ll be holding his remote.

My beloved sister, before love, I want you to remember that Nikah is an act of worship, it is Jihad, it is half of your deen. So do it well, and keep it firm.

You are his blanket and he is yours. So did Allah mention in the Quran, even in Ramadhan.

The role you play in the OTHER ROOM is very important. Not only for your enjoyment, of course you have to enjoy. But you are adding some ambassador into this Ummah. So forget not your prayer in that and always remind him of Allah.

Don’t argue with him, be respectful to him, not just because he is your husband but because respect is reciprocal. Don’t you think he will respect you too. Even his touch on you would always be tender, gentle and smooth. His manner of approaching you and your family will be nothing short of modesty and respect. You have been taught well, show him that by your actions.

Allah has given him some rights upon you, the most Exalted called you a farm. You hold the key to that farm. And commands you to open it when ever he asks to enter. Except for those time you can’t help. You can consult scholars about that. Allah says:

*They are an apparel for you and you are an apparel for them. Q2vs187.*

My dear lovely sister, the fact that you are a *Virgin* isn’t enough even though it is very important, the real *Virgin* in my understanding extends to keeping his trust in you. That way, you are amongst the successful Muslims here and in the hereafter.

*And who guide their private parts. 

Except before their mates or those whom their right hands possess, for the surely are not to blame.


Be plain and straightforward to him and your home will grow old together. 

I was told you are going into a polygamous home. Joining some other new sisters. You are all wives in his house. Expect love, give them your love and be happy together. Believe me, there is nothing wrong with polygamy, if you see any problem; the problem is with those who practice it, not the system. Learn the Islamic form and you will just be fine. You have example from the role model’s life.

When you and your husband are dating each other, don’t listen to all those promises, saying he won’t marry another wife.

Sorry, you can listen but don’t digest it. It is Sunnah, you might not be happy if it happened, but that is better for you. *Would you like him to flirt around or rather take in another pious one?.*

I wish you a happy home in this life and hereafter, together in jannah again with him, your husband. Ameen.
I know my letter to you is the only agenda delaying your Union, now I will drop my pen but you should also keep this *Mail*.

©|braheem {Broken Pen}