​A friend told me she is not too good academically and she is not happy with her self. She wants my advise and i sent her this. Maybe it might help you too, just translate it to your own need or field.

In order to have a smooth life, it has to be hard, and that hardness is what you are going through. Have you ever heard of a great person that has all his ways without roughness.

Is someone intimidating you? Don’t be intimidated by anyone. Maybe you see someone better than you, live your life. You are not him or her, rather, you can be better than that person. You can be a better you.

You don’t need explain yourself to me. I know you, dear lovely friend. Not everyone will be the best. But don’t discourage yourself by those better than you in some aspects of life and let yourself down. There are many you are better than too. If not in this particular aspect, at least, you are good person.
Just keep trying at your pace and you will get there down the road. You don’t have to be the best. You can’t be another person but yourself. If they think you are not good academically, you should not think that way. God has given everyone something different. Poor academics grades doesn’t mean you are bad. You have a pure heart sweetheart and you are good like that.

Who is yelling that you know nothing? Weren’t you that person who left from year one to two then three and now in your final year. Beloved by the I.T group. Respected by friends and families before them. They don’t just love you because of your character, rather, you are good at what you do and that is your academics.
Please, don’t think like that anymore. Keep hoping high, don’t think your sister is better than you because I know you do that a times. She is better in her subject, not yours. 

Be yourself, manage your time, ask questions and you will be better than b4.

Lastly, I want you to know that your pure heart and character are better than your education.

What is the good of education without manners. Manners without school education is still a good thing. Not every educated man has wisdom. Someone might be educated but still foolish and arrogant. You are wise and nice, peaceful and cheerful, and above all, you have a kind heart. No one is perfect and no one has it all. Those that you have are enough treasure. You know what, I envy you.

Satan was also educated let me say, but his arrogance came over him and became the president if the doomed.

Do you know how sound Aisha (Prophet Muhammad’s Wife) was, but she couldn’t read or write. There were many then who could read and write, there were poets. Even the prophet don’t know how to compose poem as good as he was. But what made the both husband and wife names become what the world celebrates today. I strongly believe you know the answer.

You are intelligent and privileged to have this beautiful education. Don’t think too much, just be normal when you study and keep firm and pray to Allah.

Do i need to tell you how amazing you are, both academically and morally. Even if you think you are the lagging type of which I don’t think so, you have a top mark in manners.

Attitude and not aptitude determines your altitude.

You shall be great than you imagine. Don’t forget these words. Keep them and read them when ever you feel depressed. Love you friend.

©Ibraheem {Broken Pen}