Last week, I started my article with the saying: whatever you do, make it your own. Yes. I was talking to the Nollywood viewers.

It is no more surprising that some viewers base their style of living on what they see or learn from movies. Movies are just fictions. Fiction is anything that isn’t real but people make it dictate their lives.

I know of a friend whose way of talking is very funny. Old but behave like Shrek, she is fund of funny things, you know why? She sees a lot of animation. In fact, I call her cartoon. Coz she bahaves like one.

People take their civilization from movies. They do only what they see in movies; after all, it is what a celebrity is also doing. While i was growing up; In our community, ladies don’t wear canvass. But now, they are the cause of the high price for men’s wear.

Some people can’t think on their own, they take their ideologies from home videos. Vitiate their brains; brainwash their emotions; misguide their mind and they will try whitewash their err, after taking a wrong step leading them to live a lifeless life.

Some people needs counselling and what the counsellor tells them is what happens in a movie not knowing that even twins don’t have the same destiny.
I mentioned Jenifa’s diary last week. I respect the actress a lot, but viewers are just laughing instead of learning from her mistake. Why can’t they live like Toyosi or Segun Sege. Now, Jenifa’s diary bad English is the mistake examiners target in students’ English examination.
Actors are doing their arts and maybe some of them have their positive imparts on some idealistic viewers. They see what they see, not just for the fun or drama. They watch behind the scene and think out of the box to titrate the necessary lessons from any movie.

Jenifa is trying to teach people that if they live all their lives, just for shopping, it is nothing but uselessness. She doesn’t wish for ladies to render themselves useless and jobless, if you don’t go to school, you can do something else. Prioritize your needs and get them right. Get only what you need. I wonder how she spends all her income on material needs, why not set herself up. Many are still battling with the same life-style.

Thanks to Toyosi, who sent Jenny to a school, but jenny won’t learn coz she is carried away by the handsome Mr. Willi Willi Williams. When you are somewhere to learn, why should you focus on what people say about you and forget why you are there.
Some people lose through arrogance while some lose due to shame. I don’t want to make a mistake so that people, won’t make jest of me is what rings in their brain. How long will you live in another man’s shadow?

How is You: I thought my friend made a mistake not knowing she’s only kidding about Jenifa’s diary. Unfortunately for her, she made the silly mistake in her interview lately. Be careful where you use Jenifa’s English.

Yes, I like Jenifa’s Diary, but be careful. Don’t become the lousy type and poke nose in things that are not of your concern. Believe me, Funke Akindele is one of the coolest lady in town. So stop fooling around. She’s now above forty, do you think she’s a fool. If you are foolish before forty; by forty, what level of foolishness would you subscribe to.

I am not saying you shouldn’t watch movies, BUT….

*Don’t see everything to be real  and judge people by it.

*Even comedy makes sense, so don’t just only laugh out loud. You will understand me if you watch Yeepa. By Mainframe.

*Don’t search for what isn’t lost. Someone is now looking for his long lost brother because he watches Aye Loja.

*Monitor your children when they see movies like Babatunde Ishola Folohunso, they might   become wayward.

*Be careful of your emotions. Real love where scarf flies in the sky only happens in movies. Love your partner and don’t judge  them by movies you watch.

I don’t want this to take forever. But also want to make a plea. This is just my veiw, you are free to your views too. Don’t subscribe to films that will rusticate your belief or pollute you moral decency.

Enjoy whichever movie you want, but be yourself. Movies shouldn’t define you, get your mind straight and be the creator of your deed from your pure heart. Remember, in all that you see, hear, feel or touch and taste of life… Extract the good ones and apply it.

Thanks and have a nice weekend. Bye

©Ibraheem {Broken Pen}