Some days ago, i received a message from a Nigerian actress, commending and appreciating my posts. She said, it has been an inspiration to her writing a movie she is on now. Be that as it may, thank you, You are appreciated too. It’s an honor talking to you lady. Kudos. All my readers mean a lot to me than the blog itself. Even though my writing comes first, permit me to say- Thanks to you all.

I will start by saying, whatever you do, make it your own and do it well.Whatever your talent is, use your style. And always be your real self and not others.

I will never say, don’t imitate good and interesting potentials, capital no, all I am saying is, learn the way and define your own way. If every pastor wants to be like Christ Oyakilome, they will only twist his English, dancing tongue and steppings on the podium and maybe wear white suit, but in the real sense, people know so evidently, you ain’t him. After all, you have a name.

Some days ago, I got to know about Jenifa’s Diary. I will be truthful to you, I never thought I would enjoy it coz to me, it is still Nollywood.

Don’t misinterpreat me. Not that Nollywood is not trying, it is just that some storylines a times are just boring and meaningless. Well, that’s everywhere, even in Hollywood or Bollywood and “Korrywood”, my best wood. Many Nollywood’s productions are figured out before the end of the films. It is not because I am a Nigerian, it is coz that’s the way I see it. So pure, so straight and so clean.

Baba Segun marries another wife, they cook juju against each other, then Yéyé Osun and Ogunjimi will team up against Agbako and Dagunro. Then Iya aje will die. Who is fighting who?

I also don’t know why some films should have part 3, and all you will see is repetition, as if viewers are amnesiacs. May someone help me translate the end of ‘Samu Alajo’. I only enjoy the background song, even though, Odunlade is very good.

I think the Nollywood is in real need of critiques, maybe they will amend. If not from outside, maybe within themselves. I don’t know where people finish film in a month. Script, set, renting, filming, editing and all, hoooo… Editing is even a topic. Well, I am not a fan of all. I only like some selected people.

Of coz, Odunfa group is good, so are some others. But my kowtow to Mainframe (the Opomulero himself), and Kunle Afolayan. Maybe their success is because, they learn the way and define their ways by taking time and putting tireless energy plus critical analysis in all they do. I have never regretted any of their works I saw. In fact, a week doesn’t go by without I watching ‘Saworo Ide’. Films should get outdated. Not that.

I think I am doing a lot of talking, but my real talk is to the viewers. Gone were the days, children see film and practice it in the compound, it still happens but not like then. We have a changed era now.

Less I forget, when I talk about Nollywood, I am not talking about Yoruba movies only; Hausa home videos, Igbo’s own, I don’t know if Fulani or Nupe and Egbira have theirs, all join sha. All na Nollywood.

There are just some films I won’t watch. Not the language barrier, at least, they all subtitle their play. I have once watched a Hausa film and I was like crying, could this be film. I mean no harm, there are lots of Hausa film I enjoyed too. Igbo nko, I enjoyed their trumpet. Oh, Isakaba, State of emergency. If you have the link to those two, plz gimme. But now, most of their works are porn and mumu mumu things.

Film has taken another dimensional dimension, another epilepsy fall of screen writers, editors with no pen at all, doing something for nothing, marketers whose egoistic pocket is all that matters. I have seen actors in parties, hawking their movies in people’s ceremony. Is that art for art or for money sake. If you don’t get the money, why not leave. Maybe that’s a reason ladies join at any cost too. When her potential is not noticed, instead of patiently waiting, she use what she’s got in exchange for what she wants. You know what I mean nah.

Before we viewers, let me address the actors and actress. If you are yet to be noticed, don’t rush, you will be one day. Do you know when Baba Latin has been on stage, ask Ogogo of his history. Look at where Okunu is going. Sanyeri might not be funny to you, but he has made it, abi you think Aki and Popo are at same age as Emanuela. Now, a small boy on Facebook, when he’s grown, he wants to Sàché.

The movie industry shouldn’t just be a home to make fame, there are a lot of things that could lead to that. Just get educated first then find whatever legal way you want to make money.

Oh industry! Enough of dirty acts. You can do film without doing rubbish and your message will be passed. Why is it that we believe that people die in films without being dead for real. You don’t have to show us porn for us to believe a consumption was made. We all have senses, don’t pollute it.

If you can not change the community, don’t spoil it or at least don’t add to its cancer. Yoruba adage says: Orisa biole Gbemi, fimile bio se bami.

O deity, if you can’t be of favour to me, let me be.

That’s just a simple translation and plz don’t crucify me for that Yoruba spellings. Na my phone cause am.

Like I said, I just branch the industry a bit, I actually wanna address my fellow viewers. By God’s grace, my next post will be to them. Thanks and have a great week end. See ya…..

©Ibraheem {Broken Pen}