I don’t like troubles so I stay away from them. Although I find my joy when I hit my books and don’t love to be disturbed during the course. As a writer, I have come to believe that you should do more reading than writing. My theory, even though many believe becoming a writer means, just get your pen and write. Yes, but there are lots to that than this.

I was actually reading for exams, when I received a call from a friend asking for my help to fill some tideous forms and print them out. Well, i can’t do this now for I have something far more important than that. But then, is that not what writers claim they are, help people through their writings. Also, the politician and co, they help during emergencies, doctors, engineers, drivers even Danfo conductor, I must mention teachers too after our parents. So Lemmie just be like them and help. What’s the essence of living in a community if you can’t be of help to them in any way no matter how small.

Filled the forms and printed them out, sebi I be mouse potato. The only thing left is submission. So I got to the submission office. So fast right, Yeh.. Fine, here I am, Mr helper.

Submitted and expecting to be given receipt after payment. That was the job of this lady. She is fat, had a scarf on, with wild bold face looking sleepy, of course light in complexion and also busy inputting info into a register in her front. But I have no business with her than get my papers and leave.

Instead, she opened her bag, brought out money and raised up her head, looked straight at me and say: 

Get me two burgers, and a cup of tea. Do you know there? if not I will direct you. 

I was like, what the heck. 

She said: there is a particular one at the end of the street.

Chinekeme,,,, though, I wasn’t like girls that would say, mo fó oooo. You don’t even know whether I am a kind of -Basha- (rich big man).

But something whispered into my heart, Ibraheem, she is old enough to be your sister if not aunt. So I collected the money.

She was not speaking English actually, she is an Egyptian. If you know what Egyptian ladies are, you would believe me if I say, you have to be very attentive when they talk, it is not always clear to foreigners. We barely hear them or at least let me say, I barely hear them.

So I left, she did not give me the paper and passport, I believed, that was so I will come back with her burger and balance. Sincerely speaking, I don’t know where she sent me. I just know she sent me something, with my initiative, I choose 2 burgers and something else, I didn’t hear that too. Coz hearing her is minutely scrimpy. With instinct, I can tell what food a lady longs for merely seeing her face. I am a wizard at that but eat no gizzard, if you want to be one, eat lizard.

I first thought of roaming about for five minutes then come back to tell her I did not see a thing to buy. But something strikes my heart again; I felt she was really hungry and could not stand up. Hunger is not a good thing believe me, ask the children of Aleppo.

If we can’t help someone who even have the money to buy food and/or those close to us, plus those who doesn’t have but we can help no matter how little, how do we help those afar? Even if she did not give me money, shouldn’t I at least help her, after all she is older than me, even if she isn’t , she is doing my work, even if she’s not.

You will always find reason to do good, that’s if you are naturally good, but bad, I ask why. Goodness is in you no matter how you try keeping it in. So is badness, borrow a cloth to cover it up, you still will be revealed.

We should start having that feeling for others who are in need of us and not only for favour, for we will one day, be in need too. Then, only your past deed(s) will see you to salvage.

You don’t need a reason to be good to others. Just be good and you will see all around you to be good. 

And even to those who err you, be good to them. It is their palaver, let them die living in it. The day you wanna pay back is the day you fail. When someone shows you no manner, give him Amala (food). Make en carry am chop on top en head again.

Don’t always look at the angle of peoples mistake, put them in your shoes and give them excuses. What if you were the one who made such, you are going to need either an internal or external force to help you through. Be your inner helper and others’ external helper. 

I returned to give her the two burgers, gave her balance and turned back. She never said thank, nor did she call me to come eat, the hunger made sure of that. She just start her business, took my papers and vamoosed. 

I was happy to help her, my friend appreciated me and was filled with joy like a lady coming out of the rest room. And the woman enjoyed her burger. That’s the nature of help, everyone benefits.

Help your friends today, help those you know and those you don’t. That is the way of life. Have a nice weekend, help yourself and other. See ya.

©Ibraheem {Broken Pen}