​Nigerians within themselves have bent their backs backwards in order to keep the love amongst themselves. Christains and Muslims have known nothing but love, except for the ignorants who want us divided. The west tried, they failed, now our so call leaders.

Tampering with hereditary law of Islam as highlighted in the Qur’an and Hadith is nothing but tampering with the Salat time. If the senate don’t know, they are like saying we don’t care about your God, we must write our laws. But then who is forcing them to follow the Islamic ways. I am coming.

The Muslims need to wake up, for the terrific sound of their slumbering his ringing in my head, where are our scholars all over Nigeria, are they still sleeping. If they (govt) succeed, the next bill they will tamper with is the time for Salat. And if Salat is tackled, what is Islam after Iman.

Since Lagos has not fully succeeded in demolishing all mosques, here comes a way out for them. You will all become ladies and pray at home. Is it then you will rise?

As far as Nigeria is concern,  the only law I see suit as in the sharing of a dead’s property is only the Islamic jurisprudence. No other religion has such a modified and classified rulings. Not in any history, not in any civilization. And beware, this is someone’s property not the Nigerian national cake which has been shared even before the death of Nigeria herself. Thanks to the Messiah who is reviving it now, but you will see my red face if you don’t ban your boys from pock nosing into what their business is not.

God has explained in details what we will be doing from the second someone dies. From covering him, bathing him and so on and the Muslims have not been complaining. If you see someone complains the Islamic rulings of property, then it is one of two things. Either ignorance or oppression of the rightful owners.
I want the house to give me an example, just only one, in a house where sharia has been used to settle the issue of their properties and still has problem after it. I am talking about Nigeria oooo, not any other place, I will give you 50 scenarios of where there’s still rancour, hatred if not killings coz of sharing their parents’ property. I know of people who have spend millions on hiring assassins to kill their brothers, In-laws, uncles, step mothers and so on, there is only one reason to that. Believe it or not, it’s because they don’t want Sharia.

Do you know why people using Sharia in sharing their properties or in anything they do, do not have problem? I will state few reasons.

1. Every human being believes within himself that there is a supernatural power above him, even the atheists call God when they have problem. And such is the Muslim who adheres to the ancient doctrine of their religion and the commandments of Almighty Allah. Many are those things Muslims have been deprived but they still behave themselves, many are names they’ve been called, yet they use wisdom to settle case and don’t get angry unnecessarily but not this. Mirath (Inheritance) is a no go area for the government, this is not America, even in America, Muslims use Sharia amongst themselves. We believe in the commandments of God, we are not forcing you so don’t push us too.

2. God has written a manual for us, let me say, at least, to those that belief in Him. This is to live in peace and tranquility between themselves. Such is the case of property’s sharing. If everyone takes to the portion God has spelled out for him or her, there will be no problem. We respect the will of Allah.

3. I believe that those in the Nigerian law making parastater also have a religion. I said, maybe ignorance or they want to steal something from others won’t allow them listen to God. We are not ignorants, we are not cheaters, we are obedient servants. But if I may ask, is this not Islam? We don’t write laws for others, so don’t meddle with our belief.

Is this all in the name of equality. The issue is this, whether you like it or not, equality has its place. But we misinterprete equality for justice. Justice is placing everything in its just place. A lady is always under a Man’s care from cradle to grave, no matter how many those men are, she’ll always collect from them, from father, brother, maybe fiancée before husband. 

I overheard a girl talking to her friend in need of money some weeks ago, instead of her to politely say she doesn’t have, she said: “don’t you have boyfriend”. The meaning of justice to her. That’s the world we live in. Don’t fight for people’s right and cheat the others. Get it it right.

We don’t have to create an unnecessary harangue in the name of gender, when I am fighting for women’s right, I am fighting for my mother, my wife, my sister and my daughter. And when I stand for men, I am asking for the rightful right of my father, husband, brother and my son.

I want to plead to the Government, please show respects to people’s belief. As far as it has no problem with the security, economic, political issue of a state, let them live their lives. Nigerians have been living in peace and tolerance amongst themselves, don’t be the cause of trouble among them. Equality in inheritance? Why now? We are all equal in the sight of God, and He is the best judge. His wisdom surrounds everything even if it is not clear to us. Moreover, this is clear.

Yes, I am an ambassador of Islam and I am a Nigerian. If I am right, I could say I am an activist. I will never keep quite when a Christian is been deprived of his or her right, when a Jew is been punished unjustly, and when they are wrong, we will say. Why not speak out for the Muslims. Talking about this is nothing but a way of terrorising the Muslims.

I am not preaching religion, I am only telling facts and fighting for some people’s right. The Muslim is a very big community in Nigeria, more than half of Nigeria. If you don’t believe that and wanna go with the Wikipedia’s censor, no wahala, but the question is, is the opinion and religious teaching and culture of 50% citizens of a country is worth been left in the cold? I don’t think so. Ask the countries who are doing that right now, how their welfare is? You will pity their state of rough-and-trouble.

Let Muslims fight for their right patiently as they have always been doing, in the case of Hijab, we made them see reasons and we triumph, I am sure this is a file they won’t talk about again. Maybe they made mistake in the first place. So let’s chill. All is well and don’t forget to always live like Muslims. Wasalam alaykum.

©Ibraheem {Broken Pen}