​He is a pen friend, a poet, friend of a poet. I long to seeing him than a thirsty man longs for water. Though a quench of thirst is known, but not this, I am sure, meeting him will be great. Since I knew him, we are getting on like a house on fire.

Maybe coz I was one of those who got him back on feet while pinned on bed. But that’s not too much from a real friend, all I did was play my role and had joy doing that, after all, a friend in the time of need, they say is a friend indeed.

I donno if to call Zainab my friend or my girl, she used to be a student but now my boss. I met Hussaen through her in this course of writing. Although, ibrofoto is a Photoshop expert, only that I am too lazy to design, it takes lots of time and i have got lots on my deck than design alone. I must confess, Hussaen got this design right.

For about three months now since I started this blog, I have in head, the idea of the logo to create. Yes, a broken pen, but Hussaen said if my pen that is broken still writes, then it is a golden pen. He suggested the color combination. No doubt, he is an artist.

Not that my writings are those of Maya Angelu, but just wanna correct something through writing, I want to change my surrounding to better via this medium, at least the minds to begin with. Might be wrong a times out of broken lines, yet, writers are changing the world with their writings. Maybe, I will be one of them.

I am really dedicating today’s post to Hussaen, not coz I don’t have what to post today and not because I am out of talented ink. But changing the world is a purpose, not just by talent. Satan is not just a talented devil, he is committed to his course. So if I preech appreciation and not appreciative, that’s a dent on my art. More men fail through lack of purpose than lack of talent.

This year is really a banner year. For this gift is nothing but a sockeroo. He said he appreciates my write ups, but he doesn’t know he is appreciated more. Thank you. I know I should thank God first, yes, but the greatest man said…. One who doesn’t thank men doesn’t thank God.

I wanna say thank you to Hussaen for designing  this golden logo. He might also work on vest and face cap soon. Will it be free or sold? it depends. Also, all readers are appreciated. Your comments and thoughts on this humble writings fetch us this logo. Now we have a favicon.

Thank you all, thanks Hussaen, thanks Zainab.

To answer the question I got in my mail… Who choose the name broken pen.

I did, while Vicky accused me of sounding like a lady and a times confused highbeebe for Nanabee. All I did was remember how I started and where I am. So broken pen came to be. Vicky, thumb up.

And to all my friends there, to answer your questions that bounce in my mail. Fridays post will be constant with its style, issues, my thoughts and possible solution(s) I think. Poems could be anytime during the week, stories and maybe series. 2017 will be different by God’s grace. Since i am going to be on a hot sit on sunday, let me just do this once and for all. Happy new year in advance to Christian friends. Bye and see ya.

©Ibraheem {Broken Pen}