Since yesterday, I have seen a lot of red cloth, a lot of of messages, greetings and a lot of tannenbaum all in the name of Christmas. Complement of the season, all I know is December is going to an end and Yoruba will say, Koni diwa meru.

Many a write up(s) I have read from my Muslim friends today about our participation in this. Nanabee’s note today inspired me to do this, so in short, this is a sequel to hers. Well, I am not hear to say eat the rice, take the chicken and throw away the soup. All I want to say is this.

If I’m not wrong, we are still in the birth month of the greatest prophet of Allah, Muhammad who came after Isa (Jesus), may Allah be pleased with them both. 

Rabiu l Awwal is a lunar month when we talk more about the prophet and his ways, and this year’s corresponds December. Even if Christians have different views on when Jesus was born, we have our facts too and we are people of history.

you wish them merry Christmas or not, message your Christian boss or not, I am not here to pass verdict. Let me say this. Jesus is our beloved prophet, a messenger of Allah. We love him.

Where in the your room did you hide the verses of the Qur’an about Jesus. Talk about it, preech about it, spread the message. Is that not what we do? I mean what we are. Give glad tidings.

Spread his teachings, his love, his quotes, our belief about him, our love for him, our thoughts of and about him, our prayers upon him. He is our leader, he is our prophet, we respect him like any other prophet. He is no god, he is a man sent to preech the message of Allah. 

Jesus is not but a messenger of Allah as per our creed and we will always love him. He is no son of God and has no father. Don’t be surprise about his birth, it is a miracle of Allah. Be amazed about the work of Allah. If Allah creates Adam without a father and no mother, why should Isa’s astounds you.

Let Christians celebrate all they want, if you won’t celebrate with them, DON’T, but do not abuse them or their act. That’s their belief and this ours. Muslims don’t abuse people….. 

Quran says…..

And don’t abuse those who call other than Allah….Q6vs108

“Lakum Dinukum Waliya Deen” Your religion is yours and mine is mine. 

And if you must talk, talk with wisdom.

Qur’an teaches that.

My brothers, don’t just look at the blackness of the night, what about the beauty moon and the stars. Don’t indulge in the bite of bee alone, always remember the taste of the honey.

Jesus once walked with a group of people, they saw a dead dog on the road…. 

They say : what a bad smell of this filthy animal.

He said : How beautiful are its teeth.

That’s our teacher.

Enjoy the rest of your day and days to come and never forget to keep living as a Muslim. Salam upon all.

©Ibraheem {Broken Pen}