Schools are resuming all over the world

Meeting the smile on their teachers face with one too,
Resumption seems like festival where
Sweets fill their pockets.

Happy as they walk to school
It’s the beginning of another session
New clothes
New shoes
New look
New laughter,
All about them is brand new

Some teeth are broken
But still flash them with joy
Bite into the flesh of a chicken with it
Break bones with the molar tooth
It’s all about happiness.

Children wants to be good
“Academically” or not
They will try their best
After pure supportive prayers
Still they excel
You can feel that in their “Assembly”.

This is the case in some countries
But in others
The guitar strings
plays the sound of bombs
The gun,
Beats like drum
In places like Aleppo
Tear gas is the cloud.

Birds are gone
Children cry
Tears of sorrow
Bold with tears
In the day or at night
“I want to die”
Is all they think of
I can’t die before I eat,
They walk in silence
Every child is hypertensive
Let us hide,
Let’s go.

The only sport in Aleppo;
Every one keeps running
The lame crawls
The legged runs,
Mr bolt came last
UN “claps”
Bashar the “host”
Russia the “sponsors”
Fire on the mountain

Behold my brother
Get this to martry
I can hear their cries
Our land
Paint in red
Our shoes
Step on the dead
Oppression has come to an end.

Buildings bow to the earth
Fathers crying like children
Faces are menstruating
Children are butchered
Vultures live in the city of Aleppo
Eating foetus after their mothers.

Trees are lifeless
Market are graveyards
Graveyards are cinema
Flies are the audience,
Oozing to travel out
All scared of a disease
Uranium kills
And the president is not scared of the night.

Winter is coming
Their skin is open
Their bone is weak
Their soul is gone,
Their hands amputate them legs
Walking dead is all they are,
Some cover their wound
Because they aren’t dead yet.

I will be there with you
You’re the arrow
I am your armour
We will stick together;
I will never let you go
Your wound will soon heal up
Give me your hands my brother.

Don’t tell them your story
Don’t complain about your injury
Don’t show them your tears
Take heart for destiny
Sooner comes victory
The drum of freedom will soon beat

The party of triumph shall be held.

     ©Ibraheem {Broken Pen}