​I woke up this morning, had my normal routine of a normal Muslim life, at worst, you must pray and do your adhkar. Grabbed my phone to make a call but was not reachable, so I decided to drop the person a WhatsApp message. Enabling my mobile data, bunches of messages kept wiring in, from friends and groups.

Most the friends’ messages were full of lovely wishes. It’s 9th of Dec. You know what? It was funny, coz I am not the partying type. Lovely messages, i admit. Well, kinds are different, some celebrate their days while some don’t, I am the ancientic type. They hardly have time for it too. It doesn’t mean I don’t socialize, I do, but in the right senses. Birthday doesn’t mean take loans or borrow money from others to be celebrated, and in this time of recession. Birthday celebration should be probed. Just kidding.

It is a perfect day, a Friday to be precised, December 9 and in the glorious month in which the greatest man who ever lived as per my belief was also born. 

One thing that makes me happy is that, tracing my birthday back and comparing it with that of prophet Muhammad ($@w), it was exactly on 9th. That makes me happy as we share the same date of birth, if you bear the same name or was born the same day as a hero, you ll be happy. I wrote on that some weeks ago, you can check this link out.   https://ibraheemblogs.wordpress.com/2016/08/26/whats-your-name/  

Scholars are of opinion that he was born on 12 while some say 9. I go with the fact that he was born on the 9th day of Rabiu l Awwal. Simply, that’s the fact, you can read Rahiq l Makhtum for confirmation.

He was reported to have been asked, why he did fast on Mondays, he replied coz that was the day he was born. I would have fasted today, but he taught us not to single out Fridays for fasting. Moreover, I have another style of celebration.

I really appreciate all those well wishers. Thank you is the least I could say. But then, I have few messages to pass on birthday. I wanted to write an acrostic poem but I feel an acrostic message would do. I ran away from that poem so Aswagaawy and NanaBee won’t fire me, but let me do this.

Many writers pen down different ways on how to celebrate birthdays: buying gifts, seeing movies, praying at temples or churches or mosques, sending flowers, send ur family out and have a time alone if you are married, taking picture, to mention but a few, in fact, a friend called me and say, buy turkey and let me cook for you. She is a funny one though. Thank you Faith, but I am fasting.

I really don’t have time for that to be sincere, my schedule is always crazy. And the reason is because every letter in ‘birthday’ has different meanings to me.

B. Birthday, the day you really were born. It’s telling you to remember your origin. Mainly two origins. First is your creator, give all thanks to Him, adore Him and appreciate Him for making you human and not something else. Also for making you see that new day. Some can’t celebrate coz they are gone, while some are alive but in hospital or prison. But He gave you freedom.

The second origin is that ever loving golden woman, who drove you into this dangerous world but always protecting you. If at least you will call someone first on that day, it should be Your Mother, not your girl(boy)friend. The only reason you shouldn’t call her is if she has no phone or she is late. At that, you pray for her in life and death.

I. Inspiration, who are those that inspired you from your cradle till this time of new year in your life, and how many have you inspired positively. Life is not all about living and living on. Be a reason for people, until then, you are celebrating nothing.

R. Reflect. Reflect and recall your pasts, what have you achieved so far in life. What are those things you long for. What are the mistakes you’ve been trapped in, which are those you would never wished for again. How do you wanna live on from then. Reflect and set a new time table. You might have made one mistake or two, correct it and move on. It is not a crime to make mistake, the crime is when you allow the mistake overpower you.

T. Today. What really is that day. Believe me, it is just a new normal day as simple as that. What you do in that day could determine how you would live the rest of the year if not the rest of your life. If you play all through or dance then sleep. It is simply a wasted day and it would be counted amongst those you ever lived. If you gain no knowledge on your birthday then you waste the so called meaningful day if your life. What are you living for, what are you celebrating. I know friend who fixed his wedding day to his birthday, just to see reflect on that day forever. My birthday, my wedding day.

H. Happiness. Who tell you birthday is bidah. Innovation I mean. I am not talking about the prophet’s own. I am talking about your own. If you are not happy on your birthday, should you be crying and for what. I said earlier, it is just like any other day and what you were doing before then could mean your happiness and sadness anyway. Abegi, remain happy on your birthday, if anyone tells you it is not good, tell him to cry on his own day, it is not your headache. Just don’t lavish your money unnecessarily. I said be happy, make yourself happy and others.

D. Day. There is birthday and there is deathday. Simply put, a verse in the Qur’an says, “and everyone one should look what he prepares for tomorrow” Tomorrow means the judgement day. On this birthday, you should be careful. For some girls, it is the day they loose their pride to a mere boyfriend who might dump you into waste history trash anytime. So shadow your mack. If you waste yourself today, you are a waste forever. Though, you might repent and be forgiven, but they say, Oju apa ko Jo oju ara… A stabbed part on your body can never be the same. Make a mistake and your life will never be the same again.

A. Aim high. Like I said earlier on, set another time table for your self. But not just a time table, a target, a new heart pointer. Those you see high don’t just get there in a twinkle of an eye, they strived everyday. Take their steps and learn their ways, then define your own way.

Y. Yield. Yield to the call of God. In everything you do, don’t forget the Almighty God, put Him at the start and look what the end will result in. Thank Him for making you see that day and ask for more blessings. 

Yield also to His forbidding(s). That way, He will love you, the angels too will and so do good people of the world.

This is just a message I wished to pass across to my dear friends and readers.

Once again, thanks to those who wished me well today, your phone calls, messages, designs and emojies are appreciated. This is dedicated to you all.

Thank you all and wish you all happy birthday in advance.

©Ibraheem {Broken Pen}