​I slept all my ways from Nairobi to Muritala airport in Lagos. Dear passengers, please fasten your belts, we are approaching to land at the Muritala airport was the sound that woke me up.

Got up and straight to the washroom, clean up myself asked for a drinkable water and back to my sit.

There was this shabby lady starring at me, we landed together at the airport. Greeting my people after getting out, she walked beside me. I could fathom something is fishy about this lady.

Her look on me was so retentive, pressing and repeating. I have never met her in my life. She has this Omo Ghetto hair style on, a bit fair, not slim and not fat, about 4.5 meter height and she was beautiful.

Although, someone was waiting for her too, they approached each other with a hug, I was like, maybe her husband. But the hug was just normal, so I thought, maybe her brother.

I know what you probably might be thinking, that I was falling in love, No. I am hooked up already, you can’t possible tell what was in both our minds. I was trying to avoid her, but she was fervently watching me. What’s the connection.

I gave my bag to my friends, to take home for me as I have an unfinished business to handle. Waiting for the guy, he sent me a gold and a laptop, I would have taken it home, but I have some money to collect from him, he is an online friend. So we met at a restaurant.
The new look of Lagos caught my attention, nice and recreative. I used to think Cairo is better than Lagos, but that today, I changed my view. After all, change is constant and we are in the CHANGE era.

The friend walked in and ordered meetpie and ice cream for me, he took only water. I would have mention the eatery’s name but I did not enjoy their service. Maybe coz I don’t like restaurants but most writers do, and don’t really love to be seen, abi, I am not a model na. Maybe a role model sha, that I wanna be.

Talking with the friend, his name is Akinwale, the door opened so I looked straight at who’s coming in, ’twas that lady from the plane. She walked straight to me and smiling. I turned my eyebrows but she forced my attention to be caught.

Hey! Where is my passport, she exclaimed at me. I was like, I don’t know you. She asked, are you not Ibraheem? Of course I am.

I repeat, where is my passport…. She pulled off her shirt, tied it to her waist and walked towards me. As if she wanted to slap me. I was at alert. 

I will ask you for the last time, where is it?

Then I figured out, either something is wrong with her psychologically or she is taking me for someone else. I also understand she wants a fight. And since we were in a restaurant, I took a move forward, so I could ask the security for assistance. Coz if she hit me or something and I retaliated, she might die because she was actually not looking well also.

She actually hit me but didn’t allow her bit me. As a police approached, I was very happy, coz Akinwale was holding her for me. So we all packed ourselves to the nearest station.

On getting to the station, I pitied her, she was crying and begging me. Then the man who came for her at the airport showed up again. Then I knew she was sick. Spiritually sick he said. By that, I couldn’t go back home, I had to follow her home with his brother. Met her family, and called for a friend of mine whose father specializes in treating such sickness.

Not too long, it was like a two days after that, we heard she was perfectly fine. She gave me a call and I as I was about to pick, I realise my phone was really ringing. Then I woke up from my dream to realise that all that happened, was in the dream.

 Have a nice weekend, sleep well, and dream deep. I donno what to write for today, I just have to cook up something.

 Take care.
If this ended well, let me know, if not plz say. Thank you.

©Ibraheem {Broken Pen}