​Moving out of Cairo, while others made it up to us, even some with the help of Uber. The four buses left at once together, every bus with full AC and that was around 2 pm.

We served people a richy Zabado and some snacks, so delicious, many felt it and appreciate the merriment just as others show us they are human beings, they can never be satisfied.

Even if we cook for them, some will complain salt if not maggi. I am a very good cook, at least someone who can spice indomie with carrot has tried. Don’t try to comment on my cooking skill, you won’t want to find out.

Some were singing in their bus, but for me without a sit with my boss, Afelele, we gave ourselves a choice. His laptop was with him on the trip so we planned on seeing a movie, Jumong. That’s a film I will never get tired of seeing.

And we move and move and move till the night. A friend messaged me to make this a book, I am already on that so you will see a lot in it maybe if published electronically, although, I am not sure if I have what it takes. I am not scared, just thinking.

We got passed all the ordeals of the road, thank God and we reach mount Sinai around 2 am. Expression of happiness filled people’s faces for the safe arrival at Sinai.

Breezy and coldy was the night, like many were expecting that, they brought out sweaters, hand gloves, some bought sweater that spot at the gate. While people took a bit rest, we were purchasing the tickets for them. Some other people from other countries arrived too, Philippines, Indonesia and co. At that dark night, we all set for the climb.

I used to hear that spirits go about at night, what I donno is if they could be found on mountains too. I saw one that night but I told no one. The first spirit I saw in my life was a vampire. Remember I said a book is going on, in there is the talk.

Climbing in the dark in a windy night. Black hand gloves, likes of devils, people wore in the their hands and some threw away theirs on the road. I don’t have one but needed. African boy, why waste my money when the mountain blessed me with ones on its road. Picked one up to wrap my hand to feel some stuffiness.

People brought out their phones to light their ways, many phones died on the road. But the power of Tecno C8 is always keeping my confidence. I wish now for C9 but…… 

Some had their children with them, I ran away from helping them coz if I do, I might land in a case I don’t want on our return, already, I am weak. I never planned going up but I had to coz people needed our help. Alas, I couldn’t help it, I still have to carry some children. Abi, I sha no go dey look a lady to suffer.

Like other strong men, I took up the responsibility of helping people, we would stop to rest a bit and keep moving, gradually, we got to the 1000 steps. I mean 700. But I doubt if it not more than 700. 

For those who have not being to Sinai, the steppings is the final stage, you just have to keep going, tiring and endless. If you should make an attempt to stop, you might be forced to return, but to my surprise, that’s where some ladies I wished never to see them climb summoned up courage, gingering the swagga of each other. Don’t even try convincing them to turn back, the look on their faces is just like a hungry lion in such a case. Just go and leave them be. Or else, they might even curse you, I.mean curse, not abuse.

Anyways we got up. Met some who were already there. Had a bit tough time sending people down, some were praying while some were taking pictures. I laughed even though I was weak for I saw different styles and postures of taking pictures.

I and Afelele was the last official to leave the top to bring the remaining Nigerians back. A day I will never forget, fat ladies, what can you do, stubborn ladies what will you say. If a lady is fat but gentle, I think I can manage her attitude, but fat and stubborn at the same time, they are just like a malfunctioning bulldozer on a farm of 10 plots. You just have to help. I left the last lady with a child with Afelele and that made him with the others spend about 4 hours on their return. I pitied him really.

Though, everyone had fun and we returned. As generous and kind Yostaneg is, we continued the merriment, branch different restaurants and many had what ever they wanted. Thanks to Yostaneg for that nice treat. If you were on the trip, don’t comment on this part too. Lol.

A lady even asked me, plz Ibraheem, where can I get semovita. I laughed, even in Cairo, is everyone financially buoyant to take semovita. I just look at her mouth and laugh, I gave her todo snacks sha. I know some people are expecting me to talk about the Amala lady, I am really sorry, she called me not to talk about it after reading the last post, I have to respect her. So I’ll skip that part too.

That’s just a little about Sinai. In future, I might be talking about things to take or not to take to Sinai and things to do and not to do and maybe the system of climbing and mounting.

Meanwhile, I invite every newly married couples to go have their honey moon in Sinai, take your new wife to climb. I promise, the first thing she ll do on your arrival is filing a divorce. 

A big thanks to everyone that went with us and those that settle the rancour of the Lutfy Saga while back in Cairo and to all officiating bodies. 

Thank you Sinai for making me see a lot wonders of the Almighty, but if you ever see me in Sinai again, I am being paid.

Have a joyful weekend and safe trip to all travellers all over the world.

©Ibraheem {Broken Pen}